Install Nightly Release Packages

To install Eucalyptus from nightly builds, perform the tasks listed in this topic.

Important: Eucalyptus nightly packages are the latest Eucalyptus builds. They should be considered unstable/"bleeding edge" software and should not be installed in a production environment. In addition, upgrades from nightlies to released software are not supported.

To install Eucalyptus nightly builds:

  1. On all host machines, run the following command:
    yum install

    Enter y when prompted to install this package.

  2. On all host machines that will run either Eucalyptus or Euca2ools, run the following commands:
    yum install

    Enter y when prompted to install this package.

  3. On all host machines, enter:
    yum update
  4. Install Eucalyptus packages. The following example shows most services being installed all on the same host machine. You can use a different host for each service.
    yum install eucalyptus-cloud eucalyptus-cluster eucalyptus-sc eucalyptus-walrus
  5. Install the backend service image package on the machine hosting the CLC:
    yum install eucalyptus-service-image
    This installs worker images for both the load balancer and imaging services.
  6. On each planned NC host, install the NC package:
    yum install eucalyptus-node
The nightly package installation is complete.
You are now ready to Configure Eucalyptus.