Update a role's trust policy, the policy that grants an entity permission to assume a role.


euare-roleupdateassumepolicy rolename (-f filename | -s service) 
	[-o][--as-account account]


euare-roleupdateassumepolicy is a standard euare command. It accepts the same common options as the others.

Option Description Required
rolename Name of the role with which to associate the policy. This option is exclusive and positional. Yes
-f filename Name of the file containing the new role's trust policy. Must be specified if servicename is not present. No
-s, --service servicename Name of the service to allow access to the role. Must be specified if filename is not present.

-o Output the role's new trust policy. No
--as-account account [Eucalyptus cloud administrator only] Run this command as the administrator of another account. No


Eucalyptus returns the policy only if ouput was requested using -o. Otherwise, no errors indicate success.