Uploads a policy for a user.


euare-roleuploadpolicy -r rolename -p policyname (-o policycontent | -f filename)
	[--as-account account]


Option Description Required
-r, --role-name rolename Name of the role to attach the policy to Yes
-p, --policy-name policyname Name of the policy Yes
-o, --policy-content policy_content The policy content.
"Action":["ec2:*"], "Resource":["*"]}]}
-f, --policy-document policy_document The policy document file. No
--as-account account [Eucalyptus cloud administrator only] Run this command as the administrator of another account. No

Common Options

Option Description
--region=region Region to direct requests to.
-U url,--url=url Override service URL with this value.
--as-account account This Eucalyptus extension is for use by the system administrator to act as the account administrator of the specified account without changing to account administrator's role.
-I access_key_id, --access-key=access_key_id Override configured access key ID with this value.
-S secret_key, --secret-key=secret_key Override configured secret key with this value.
--security-token=token Security token.
-D, --debug Prints what the command sends to the server and what it receives from the server. Use when you're trying to debug Euca2ools.
--debugger Enable interactive debugger on error.
-h,--help Display the manual page for the command.
--version Display the version of this tool.


Eucalyptus does not return any message.


euare-roleuploadpolicy -r myrole -p mypolicy -f mypolicy.json