Download the specified bundles from object storage.


euca-download-bundle  -b bucket [-m manifest_path 
				][-p prefix ][-d directory ]


Option Description Required
-b,--bucket bucket Name of the bucket where the bundle is located. Yes
-m, --manifest manifest The manifest filename (without the path). We recommend you specify either the manifest (option -m), or the filename prefix (option -p). Conditional
-p, --prefix emi_prefix The filename prefix for the bundled EMI files Conditional
-d, --directory directory The directory where the downloaded bundle is saved. This directory must exist.

Default: /tmp


Common Options

Option Description
--show-empty-fields Show empty fields as "(nil)".
--region user@region Region and/or user name to search when looking up config file data. Only valid for EC2 endpoints.
-U,--url url URL of the cloud service to connect to. For administrative commands, this should be <ip_address>:8773/services/Empyrean.
-I,--access-key-id key_id User's access key ID.
-S,--secret-key secret_key User's secret key.
--security-token token User's security token.
--debug Prints what the command sends to the server and what it receives from the server. Use when you're trying to debug Euca2ools.
--debugger Enable interactive debugger on error.
-h,--help Display the manual page for the command.
--version Display the version of this tool.


Eucalyptus returns status messages that indicate the various stages of the download process.


euca-download-bundle -b mah-bukkit -m myimage.img.manifest.xml
Downloading myimage.img.manifest.xml
Downloading myimage.img.part.00
Downloading myimage.img.part.01
Downloading myimage.img.part.02
Downloading myimage.img.part.03