What's New?

Euca2ools 3.4.0 has the following new features.

Feature Description
Euca2ools 3.4.0 requires newer minimum versions of requestbuilder and six libraries

Minimum versions required:

  • requestbuilder 0.6
  • six 1.8
euca-bundle-vol default configuration changes The default configuration for euca-bundle-vol now excludes the following directories in addition to those it excluded in previous releases. To customize this behavior, edit /etc/euca2ools/bundle-vol/excludes or use the --no-filter command line option.
  • /run
  • /tmp
  • /var/cache
  • /var/run
  • /var/tmp
euca-associate-address option The --no-allow-reassociation option explicitly prevents an address that is in use from being reassociated with another network interface.
Support added to retrieve information about the currently active set of access keys The new euare-getcallerid command makes it possible to request the ARN, account number, and other relevant information about the currently active set of access keys.
Support added to view CloudFormation template attributes It is now possible to view attributes of a CloudFormation template, such as its parameters, without creating a stack using the new euform-get-template-summary command. TOOLS-607
euwatch-put-data updates TOOLS-612
  • now supports reporting multiple metric data in a single invocation using the -v or -s options multiple times.
  • -s option now accepts arbitrary attributes for metric data, making it possible to report data for multiple metrics or timestamps in a single invocation. See the command's documentation for additional details. The long name for -s is now --metric-datum. Its previous name, --statistic-values, continues to function as it did in previous releases.
VPC network interface limits euca-describe-instance-type and euca-modify-instance-type now support VPC network interface limits. TOOLS-614
euare commands update euare commands that output euca2ools.ini files will replicate the verify-ssl option in its output if that option is set. TOOLS-631
A failed CloudFormation rollback operation can be retried It is now possible to retry a failed CloudFormation rollback operation using the new euform-continue-rollback command. TOOLS-637
VPC NAT gateways can now be created and managed It is now possible to create and manage VPC NAT gateways using the new euca-create-nat-gateway, euca-delete-nat-gateway, and euca-describe-nat-gateway commands. TOOLS-640 TOOLS-641 TOOLS-642
Support added for NAT gateways euca-create-route and euca-describe-routes now support NAT gateways. TOOLS-643 TOOLS-644
euform-update-stack no longer requires one to supply it with a template When no template is specified, the CloudFormation service will reuse the existing template. TOOLS-650
New commands added to support OpenID Connect providers' integration with Eucalyptus and AWS The following new commands add support for managing OpenID Connect providers' integration with Eucalyptus and AWS: TOOLS-653
  • euare-oidcprovideraddclientid
  • euare-oidcproviderchangethumbprint
  • euare-oidcprovidercreate
  • euare-oidcproviderdel
  • euare-oidcproviderdelclientid
  • euare-oidcprovidergetattribute
  • euare-oidcproviderlist
euform-get-template-summary update For CloudFormation template parameters with restrictions on allowed values, euform-get-template-summary now displays these allowed values. TOOLS-660
Regions added to the AWS configuration file The configuration file for AWS now includes the us-east-2, ca-central-1, ap-south-1, and ap-northeast-2 regions. TOOLS-661 TOOLS-670