Known Issues

The following table lists behavioral changes and known issues that exist in Euca2ools 3.1.0. Please contact Eucalyptus support for workarounds or prescriptive guidance for these issues. You can use the support portal or email us directly at

Issue Description
euca-upload-bundle fails to handle error response from Walrus if S3_URL is incorrect (TOOLS-480) If you use a /services/Walrus URL against eucalyptus 4.0 it will not handle redirects correctly. WORKAROUND: workaround is to change it to the correct URL for 4.0: /services/objectstorage.
Bundles generated by euca-bundle-image don't work with EC2 (TOOLS-294) The euca-bundle-image command generates manifests that EC2 refuses to register, throwing an "Invalid AMI manifest" error. WORKAROUND: Use the ec2-bundle-image tool.