Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.1.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
TOOLS-447 Version 0.2.2 of the requestbuilder library ships alongside euca2ools 3.1.1, making HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY work correctly.
TOOLS-478 euca-bundle-instance now attempts to obtain access key IDs and secret keys from configuration files when they are not specified at the command line.
TOOLS-482 euare-instanceprofiledel -r/--recursive now attempts to delete any roles that are associated with the instance profile that is being deleted. If other resources, such as other instance profiles, prevent a role from being deleted then the command will fail. Running euare-roledel -r/--recursive can overcome this.
TOOLS-488 euca-import-instance now encodes user-data correctly.
TOOLS-489 euca-describe-instances now shows instances' architectures.
TOOLS-491 euca-import-instance and euca-import-volume now provide more useful error output when bucket creation fails.
TOOLS-495 euca-run-instances now handles user-supplied private addresses correctly.
TOOLS-496 euca-describe-instances now accepts an "iam-instance-profile.arn" filter.
TOOLS-497 For consistency with euca-create-vpc, euca-create-subnet will work correctly when address ranges are specified positionally. The -i/--cidr option is still recommended and continues to work.
TOOLS-498 euca-describe-subnets now shows subnets' address ranges.
TOOLS-503 For AWS compatibility, euform-create-stack's and euform-update-stack's -p/--parameter option now accepts more than one parameter with a single option by separating the parameters with semicolons. When it is used multiple times, the option still works as before.
TOOLS-510 euca-modify-instance-attribute -t/--instance-type now works correctly.
TOOLS-512 euform-describe-stacks now lists stacks' outputs.
NA euscale-create-launch-config now allows one to specify whether the service will associate public addresses with VPC instances created by a launch configuration. Use "--associate-public-ip-address true" or "--associate-public-ip-address false" to control this.
TOOLS-486 euare-userdelcert and euare-userdelkey no longer require -u/--user. When that option is omitted they will act upon the user that the command is running as.
TOOLS-490 euca-describe-instances's "block-device-mapping.delete-on-termination" filter now passes its inputs to the server using lowercase.
TOOLS-494 euca-describe-snapshot-attribute and euca-reset-snapshot-attribute were missing from previous releases. This has been fixed.
TOOLS-500 euca-describe-groups now accepts an "" filter.
TOOLS-501 euca-authorize's -s/--cidr option now works with the --egress option.
TOOLS-513 euare-usercreatecert no longer requires -u/--user. When that option is omitted it will act upon the user that the command is running as.