Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.1.2 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
TOOLS-294 Bundles generated by euca-bundle-image now work with EC2.
TOOLS-504 euform-describe-stacks now shows stacks' parameters
TOOLS-516 euform-describe-stack-resources now displays the reasons for resources' statuses.
TOOLS-526 euca-describe-vpcs now displays whether or not each VPC is the default VPC.
TOOLS-528 euform-validate-template --template-url now no longer behaves the same as --template-file.
TOOLS-529 euca-describe-instances now displays VPC private address information correctly.
TOOLS-530 euca-run-instances no longer mixes interface-level and instance-level networking options when running instances in a VPC.
TOOLS-533 euare-servercertupload now handles certificate chain files correctly.
TOOLS-535 euform-validate-template how handles outputs that contain capability information correctly.
TOOLS-536 euform-create-stack now supports supplying the capability information necessary for nested templates with a new --capabilities option.
TOOLS-539 euca-create-vpc's --tenancy option now works correctly.