Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.2.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-9481 Account registration status will be removed from eucalyptus 4.2. The euare-usermod documentation now reflects that.
TOOLS-547 euca-describe-snapshots no longer sends requests that filter by snapshots' owners or restorers when asked to describe a list of specific snapshots.
TOOLS-553 euca-run-instances now accepts a --associate-public-ip-address option, which assigns public IP addresses to the instances it creates, even if the subnet in which they reside is configured to not assign them by default.
TOOLS-554 euare-accountgetsummary now accepts the --as-account option.
TOOLS-557 euare-accountcreate no longer requires an account name. Note that account names are still required by Eucalyptus 4.1 and earlier. To add a name to an account that lacks one, use euare-accountaliascreate.
TOOLS-559 Images created by euca-bundle-image and images that contain block device mappings now function correctly in EC2.
TOOLS-560 euca-authorize and euca-revoke can now create and delete rules with arbitrary IANA-assigned protocol numbers as well as the special values "all" and "-1", which refer to all network traffic, in VPC security groups. As a convenience, if a protocol is specified by name, then euca-authorize and euca-revoke will consult /etc/protocols to discover its number.
TOOLS-574 euca-upload-bundle --skipmanifest option now works correctly.
euare-rolecreate --service is now read from the command line correctly.
EC2 no longer requires special privileges to use euca-bundle-image and euca-install-image --virtualization-type options. Those commands' documentation now reflects that.