Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.4.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
A compatibility issue with Requests 2.11 has been addressed.
euca-bundle-vol now detects the type of partition table of the disk the root filesystem resides on significantly more reliably.
TOOLS-546 euca-describe-subnets now supports the cidr and cidrBlock filters. These function identically to the cidr-block filter that already existed.
TOOLS-564 euca-bundle-vol no longer fails due to UUID conflicts when used on XFS filesystems.
TOOLS-584 euscale-describe-launch-configs now includes user-data in the detailed output it displays when given the --show-long option.
TOOLS-604 Specifying a user name using the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variables can break third party clients that do not recognize that syntax. To work around this, use the new EUCA_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable instead. When specified, this will take precedence over AWS_DEFAULT_REGION.
TOOLS-610 euca-describe-instances now displays instance IDs as part of VPC network interface attachments
TOOLS-625 euform-validate-template now outputs capability reasons correctly.
TOOLS-630 euca-bundle-image no longer fails with an authorization error when IAM policy prevents it from automatically retrieving cloud certificates. This will not prevent euca-bundle-image from failing; to resolve the issue, obtain an IAM policy that permits the euserv:DescribeServiceCertificates operation or supply the cloud's certificate using the --ec2cert command line option or the cert region option in euca2ools.ini.
TOOLS-633 When run against Eucalyptus, euca-bundle-vol now automatically retrieves cloud certificates in the same manner as euca-bundle-image.
TOOLS-634 euca-describe-route-tables now prefers to display network interface IDs to instance IDs when displaying routes that point to instances' network interfaces.
TOOLS-639 euca-run-instances's --associate-public-ip-address option now works against default VPCs.
TOOLS-646 euca-import-instance now sends user-data to the server correctly.
TOOLS-647 euca-modify-instance-attribute can now delete instances' user-data.
TOOLS-651 euare-accountlistpolicies -v no longer fails when using credentials originating from euca2ools.ini files.
TOOLS-655 euare-assumerole no longer generates invalid session names when run against AWS.