Configuration File Locations

Euca2ools supports multiple configuration files. The configuration files are read in alphabetical order from the following locations:

  1. /etc/euca2ools/euca2ools.ini
  2. /etc/euca2ools/conf.d/*.ini
  3. ~/.euca/*.ini

Note that only the euca2ools.ini file is read in the /etc/euca2ools directory; in the other directories any file ending with .ini is read.

Euca2ools will combine all of the configuration files it finds in these directories. In cases where there the same setting is defined twice in the configuration files, the most recently read file will take precedence.

The Euca2ools package ships with an example /etc/euca2ools/euca2ools.ini file that is empty, and .ini files in /etc/euca2ools/conf.d that contain pre-defined configuration for AWS and the Eucalyptus Community Cloud.