Overview of Euca2ools

Euca2ools is the Eucalyptus command line interface for interacting with web services.

Most Euca2ools commands are compatible with Amazon’s EC2, S3, IAM, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFormation, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and CloudWatch services and generally accept the same options and honor the same environment variables. This means that you can use Euca2ools with both the Eucalyptus cloud-computing platform and compatible Amazon services. A few commands are specific to Eucalyptus and are noted in the command description.

Note: Some operations in Euca2ools are not supported in certain Eucalyptus networking modes. For example, security groups and elastic IPs are not supported in both Static and System networking modes. See your cloud administrator for details. For more information about networking modes, see Plan Networking Modes.

This set of tools was written in Python.