Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.1.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
TOOLS-392 Ephemeral block device mappings are displayed incorrectly
TOOLS-477 euca-bundle-instance doesn't return manifest path for easy registration of image
TOOLS-404 Use /etc/services to make specifying port numbers easier
TOOLS-461 euca-import-volume won't create bucket on user's behalf
TOOLS-460 'datetime.timedelta' object has no attribute 'total_seconds'
TOOLS-449 euca-describe-instance-status fails with: No module named dateutil.parser
TOOLS-429 Bundle and upload broken
TOOLS-428 Delete bundle with bucket and prefix is broken
TOOLS-427 Update euca-bundle-vol
TOOLS-425 euca-bundle-and-upload fails on linux
TOOLS-476 Registering kernel/ramdisk with euca-install-image fails with 'MissingParameter'
TOOLS-471 parse error on import instance response
TOOLS-470 Add install-image script that allows single command for bundle/upload/register
TOOLS-394 euca-describe-images shows account ID instead of bucket name for instance-store backed images
TOOLS-371 Write an S3 QSA URL generator
TOOLS-368 Write euca-resume-import
TOOLS-367 Write euca-import-volume
TOOLS-365 Write euca-import-instance
TOOLS-479 -I and -S not working for all of the bundle commands
TOOLS-473 EC2 describe instances requestor-id filter should be requester-id
TOOLS-467 Add a eucalyptus-specific key pair option to euca-import-instance
TOOLS-458 eulb-create-lb doesn't support lowercase protocol names
TOOLS-459 --s3-url is ignored by euca-import-volume
TOOLS-454 Update default euca2ools.ini with a current list of endpoints
TOOLS-456 Add euscale-describe-account-limits for Eucalyptus/AWS AutoScaling
TOOLS-410 euare-servercertupload --certificate-chain-file option
TOOLS-407 euca-get-console-output fails if output not to a console [error: decode() argument 1 must be string, not None]
TOOLS-408 Create unbundle stream command
TOOLS-451 implement euca-reset-instance-attribute
TOOLS-430 Write role/instanceprofile CRUD commands
TOOLS-423 Remove eustore commands in their current form
TOOLS-452 euare-servercertupload should not require a certificate chain
TOOLS-426 Filter options should allow for wildcards
TOOLS-416 Add upload policy support to bundle-uploading code
TOOLS-415 Build a combined bundle-and-upload-image command
TOOLS-400 eulb-set-lb-policies-of-listener should always add PolicyNames in the request.
TOOLS-399 Add euca-register --platform
TOOLS-397 euwatch-describe-alarms should output alarm ARN when showing details
TOOLS-393 Remove default-region from default euca2ools.ini
TOOLS-392 Ephemeral block device mappings are displayed incorrectly
TOOLS-389 euca-get-console-output error after instance launch
TOOLS-390 euca-describe-images does not show "name" value
TOOLS-388 Amazon VPC support
TOOLS-377 euca-modify-instance-attribute is missing
TOOLS-379 Behavior regarding deleting bundle using --clear against empty bucket doesn't match AWS
TOOLS-370 Add pipe I/O and file extent support to S3 back end
TOOLS-366 Write import manifest generator
TOOLS-364 Implement client side for ImportInstance/ImportVolume
TOOLS-330 euca-register-snapshot now requires --root-device-name. Did not used to.
TOOLS-464 euca-describe-tags shows resource ID before resource type
TOOLS-463 Instance profile created even if role does not exist
TOOLS-424 Implement ec2-fingerprint-key
TOOLS-396 euare-userlistpolicies with --pretty-print option fails
TOOLS-477 euca-bundle-instance doesn't return manifest path for easy registration of image
TOOLS-312 S3 redirects are signed incorrectly after following redirects to endpoints whose DNS names contain bucket names
TOOLS-404 Use /etc/services to make specifying port numbers easier
TOOLS-339 support case insensitive protocol names for eulb-configure-healthcheck
TOOLS-3 Bundle vol distro specific support