Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.2.2 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
TOOLS-597 euwatch-put-data now formats dimensions correctly when sending them to the server.
TOOLS-616 euca-describe-route-tables now supports the route.instance-id filter.
TOOLS-610 euca-describe-network-interfaces now displays attachment IDs when the server provides them.
Note: A portion of the fix for TOOLS-610 is delayed until the next minor release of euca2ools because it changes the command's output in a backwards-incompatible manner.
TOOLS-578 euca-describe-groups now supports the generic tag:KEY filter for tags.
TOOLS-575 The documentation for euca-upload-bundle's --part option, which previously had no effect, has been removed. That option continues to be silently ignored.
TOOLS-603 euare-rolecreate's -f option now has a longer equivalent: --trust-policy.
TOOLS-608 euca-fingerprint-key now returns an error when given a file that is not a private key.
TOOLS-621 euca-describe-network-interfaces now displays resource tags.
TOOLS-613 euform-update-stack now supports the --capabilities option.
TOOLS-579 A CloudFormation URL for the localhost region has been added.
TOOLS-593 euwatch-get-stats --period's default value of 60 seconds is now sent to the server when the option is left unspecified.
TOOLS-594 euca-unbundle and euca-download-and-unbundle no longer consider bundles with certain checksums to be corrupt.