The ldap-service element contains everything related to the LDAP/AD service.

Element Description
server-url The LDAP/AD server URL, starting with ldap://.
auth-method The LDAP/AD authentication method to perform synchronization.
auth-principal The ID of the administrative user for synchronization.
auth-credentials The credentials for LDAP/AD authentication, like a password. We recommend that you encrypt this using /usr/sbin/euca-lictool.
user-auth-method The LDAP/AD authentication method for normal users to perform Management Console login.
  • simple: for clear text user/password authentication.
  • DIGEST-MD5: for SASL authentication using MD5
  • GSSAPI: SASL authentication using Kerberos V5.
use-ssl Specifies whether to use SSL for connecting to LDAP/AD service. If this option is enabled, make sure the SSL port for LDAP is defined as part of the server-url. The default port for LDAP+SSL is port 636.
ignore-ssl-cert-validation Specifies whether to ignore self-signed SSL certs. This is useful when you only have self-signed SSL certs for your LDAP/AD services.
krb5-conf The file path for krb5.conf, if you use GSSAPI authentication method.