Synchronization Process

This topic explains what happens to start the synchronization process and what the synchronization process does.

The synchronization always starts when the following happens:

Note: Eucalyptus does not allow concurrent synchronization. If you trigger synchronization more than once within a short time period, Eucalyptus only allows the first one.

During a synchronization, everything specified by an LIC in the LDAP/AD tree will be downloaded into Eucalyptus’ internal database. Each synchronization is a merging process of the information already in the database and the information from LDAP/AD. There are three cases for each entity: user, group or account:

Important: If clean-deletion is set to true, the removed entities in Eucalyptus will be lost forever, along with all its permissions and credentials. The resources associated with the entity will be left untouched. It is system administrator’s job to recycle these resources.