MidoNet Component Topology

This topic lists topology recommendations for installing Midokura Enterprise MidoNet.

Note: See Understanding VPCMIDO and MidoNet for more information on MidoNet.

* In Eucalyptus 4.4, ExternalDevice replaces GatewayInterface in 4.3 and prior releases.

Eucalyptus 4.3 Network JSON Example

Note: This Eucalyptus 4.3 version of the VPCMIDO network.json file is still accepted, however we strongly encourage use of the updated Eucalyptus 4.4 template instead. See Configure VPCMIDO Network Mode.

The following Eucalyptus 4.3 network JSON template file shows a sample VPCMIDO mode configuration:

  "InstanceDnsServers": [
  "Mido": {
    "EucanetdHost": "clcfrontend",
    "GatewayHost": "ufsfrontend",
    "GatewayIP": "",
    "GatewayInterface": "veth1",
    "PublicGatewayIP": "",
    "PublicNetworkCidr": ""
  "Mode": "VPCMIDO",
  "PublicIps": [