Install Repositories

This section guides you through installing Eucalyptus from RPM package downloads.

The first step to installing Eucalyptus is to download the RPM packages. When you're ready, continue to Software Signing.

The following terminology might help you as you proceed through this section.

Eucalyptus open source software — Eucalyptus release packages include the freely available components, which enable you to deploy a Eucalyptus cloud.

Eucalyptus enterprise software — Paid subscribers have access to additional software features (for example, SAN support). If you are a subscriber, you receive an entitlement certificate and a private key that allow you to download Eucalyptus subscription software. (Everybody receives a GPG public key to be used to verify the software integrity.)

Euca2ools CLI — Euca2ools is the Eucalyptus command line interface for interacting with web services. It is compatible with many Amazon AWS services, so can be used with Eucalyptus as well as AWS.

RPM and YUM and software signing — Eucalyptus CentOS and RHEL download packages are in RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) format and use the YUM package management tool. We use GPG keys to sign our software packages and package repositories.

EPEL software — EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) are free, open source software, which is fully separated from licensed RHEL distribution. It requires its own package.