Register the Walrus Backend

This topic describes how to register the Walrus Backend service with the Cloud Controller (CLC).

To register the Walrus Backend service with the Eucalyptus cloud
Note: This task is not necessary if you are using Riak CS instead of Walrus.
  1. On the CLC host machine, run the following command:
    euserv-register-service -t walrusbackend -h IP SVCINSTANCE


    • IP is the IP of the Walrus Backend you are registering with this CLC.
    • SVCINSTANCE must be a unique name for the Walrus Backend service. We recommend that you use a short-hand name of the hostname or IP address of the machine, for example: walrus-HOSTNAME or walrus-IP_ADDRESS.

    For example:

    euserv-register-service -t walrusbackend -h walrus-
  2. Copy the security credentials from the CLC to each machine running a Walrus Backend service. Run this command on the CLC host machine:
    clcadmin-copy-keys HOST [HOST ...]

    For example:

  3. Verify that the Walrus Backend service is registered with the following command:
    euserv-describe-services SVCINSTANCE

The registered Walrus Backend service is now ready for your cloud.