Plan Services Placement

A Eucalyptus deployment includes user services (UFS and Management Console), as well as cloud services (Cloud Controller and Walrus) and one or more zones, each of which contains a Cluster Controller, a Storage Controller, and one or more Node Controllers.

Image displaying POC, small and medium single-zone deployments

Cloud Services

The main decision for cloud services is whether to install the Cloud Controller (CLC) and Walrus on the same server. If they are on the same server, they operate as separate web services within a single Java environment, and they use a fast path for inter-service communication. If they are not on the same server, they use SOAP and REST to work together.

Sometimes the key factor for cloud services is not performance, but server cost and data center configuration. If you only have one server available for the cloud, then you have to install the services on the same server.

All services should be in the same data center. They use aggressive time-outs to maintain system responsiveness so separating them over a long-latency, lossy network link will not work.

User Services

The User Facing Services (UFS) handle all of the AWS APIs and provide an entry point for clients and users interacting with the Eucalyptus cloud. The UFS and the Management Console are often hosted on the same machine since both must be accessible from the public, client-facing network.

You may optionally choose to have redundant UFS and Management Console host machines behind a load balancer.

Zone Services

The Eucalyptus services deployed in the zone level of a Eucalyptus deployment are the Cluster Controller (CC) and Storage Controller (SC).

You can install all zone services on a single server, or you can distribute them on different servers. The choice of one or multiple servers is dictated by the demands of user workload in terms of number of instances (CC) and EBS volume access (SC).

Things to consider for CC placement:

Things to consider for SC placement:

Node Services

The Node Controllers are the services that comprise the Eucalyptus backend. All NCs must have network connectivity to whatever machine hosts their EBS volumes. This host is either a SAN or the SC.