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This topic explains what to do once you have installed Eucalyptus, including further reading and other resources for understanding your cloud.

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Eucalyptus has the following guides to help you with more information:

Get Involved

The following resources can help you to learn more, connect with other Eucalyptus users, or get actively involved with Eucalyptus development.
  • The Eucalyptus IRC channel is #eucalyptus on Freenode. This channel is used for real-time communication among users and developers. Information on how to use the network is available from Freenode.
  • Subscribe to one or more of the Eucalyptus mailing lists, which provide ways to ask questions and get assistance from the community.
  • Search for technical articles in the Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions and learn about best practices.
  • Check out the Eucalyptus Support pages for more ideas.