Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.2.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
SAN-1 Make clone timeout for NetApp configurable
EUCA-4330 3.1.X message binding cache causes upgrade operations to fail.
EUCA-4275 A sensor resource (instance) can disappear before recording a sensor timestamp, preventing cache expiration.
EUCA-4257 Usage data reset after instance reboot
EUCA-4251 Sensor cache can erroneously time out a cache entry
EUCA-4242 NC: node controller locks up with one thread in libvirt
EUCA-4230 After launching Windows image (BFEBS and Walrus-backed), eucalyptus-nc process locks up
EUCA-4203 Shipped eucalyptus.conf describes incorrect default LOGLEVEL
EUCA-4172 Address state updated outside of any transaction
EUCA-4171 Restored instances are missing expiry time
EUCA-4163 reporting: backend logs show sensor data aggregation errors
EUCA-4134 When log level is changed on java components, it gets picked up only on CLC and is not broadcasted to SC, Walrus
EUCA-4129 style progress bar for user console
EUCA-4122 USER-CONSOLE (AFTER MULTI-THREAD FIX) Cannot create security group
EUCA-4118 New fault for the disabled.lock file is missing variables
EUCA-4116 IP address field in security group rules validates my input as wrong before I've even entered it.
EUCA-4099 console - Windows password not showing
EUCA-4097 console - StopInstance hangs
EUCA-4090 User Console: User can request 999 IP allocation on the UI, which can flood the CLC.
EUCA-4089 Recent change in euare policy causing failures when users try to launch instances
EUCA-4087 Troubleshooting "out of memory" ratios allow values greater than 1
EUCA-4085 Instance sensor not gathering usage (due to double free in CC marshaling)
EUCA-4072 After changing cloud.vmstate.instance_subdomain, instances are not able to resolve private instance DNS name
EUCA-4060 creating new key pair in launch instance wizard does not update selection in summary area automatically
EUCA-4059 Long key name makes giant dropdown on the launch dialog page
EUCA-4058 Remove test logging messages (including FATAL, ERROR) from log level change listener
EUCA-4034 Default bucket limit is too low
EUCA-4031 created security group with open port ssh via launch wizard but still getting warning that no rules are defined
EUCA-4022 USER-CONSOLE: When attaching volume to instance, the list of volumes is hard to read due to its transparent background.
EUCA-4021 volumes fail to attach due to libvirt err
EUCA-4020 Libvirt attachment failures leave iscsi connection behind
EUCA-4019 USER-CONSOLE: In the create new security group box, "Add Another Rule" and "Create" buttons do not get lit when IP is typed.
EUCA-4006 please remove GUI functions that support volume creation at instance launch time (and launch more like this)
EUCA-4000 USER-CONSOLE: Cannot copy-and-paste the error message when failed to delete security group
EUCA-3999 USER-CONSOLE: Failed to delete security groups
EUCA-3998 euca-describe-services --partition doesn't work
EUCA-3988 Cannot delete some inbound rules when managing rules for security group -- It depends on the order of delete operations.
EUCA-3982 "out of memory" fault written a large number of times in cloud-fault.log
EUCA-3951 Copy multipath example into doc dir
EUCA-3947 Fault message for lack of iscsi module in the kernel is incorrect
EUCA-3941 Authentication method for User Console does not support full latin char set
EUCA-3936 when AZ is not specified on run, but existing instances within group are running, clc does not choose AZ with free resources
EUCA-3933 euca-modify-image-attribute allows invalid userId without error.
EUCA-3932 euca-describe-image-attribute does not list all permissions
EUCA-3924 failed to delete security group but doesn't tell me why
EUCA-3916 cloud-fault.log records wrong time when writing fault messages
EUCA-3915 unexpected error adding rules to security group
EUCA-3905 New notifications impl. for multi-ops
EUCA-3879 Instance address restoration fails for "inactive" address
EUCA-3875 Having 58 running instances causes the console proxy server to crash
EUCA-3870 On the instance page, Image IDs should also be hyperlinked to display information on which image is being used by the running instance
EUCA-3869 Timeout or single threading issue in Tornado: Deleting 100 security groups at once causes the delete call to time-out and kicks user out of the console
EUCA-3868 When there exists 200+ security group, creating a new security group causes the user to be forced to log off.
EUCA-3866 Instance restore does not update state for restored public ip
EUCA-3864 By default, when the button "create volume from snapshot" is selected, the menu should allow user to click the button "create volume" immediately.
EUCA-3862 Cannot delete a snapshot that is in "failed" state
EUCA-3861 Change in log level does not execute correctly on C components
EUCA-3855 Allocating 200+ IPs on a single user crashes the proxy.
EUCA-3852 IPs in the IP Address table are sorted in a lexical order
EUCA-3850 When ntpd is not running no fault message is generated in cc-fault.log and cloud-fault.log
EUCA-3848 cloud-fault log reports the same "Not enough memory" fault many times when actually not running out of memory
EUCA-3834 Instances not restored when image deregistered/no longer present
EUCA-3833 Instances not restored when in terminated state
EUCA-3831 photo should not scroll in easter egg
EUCA-3824 Modifying log level for clc breaks the cloud
EUCA-3822 dimension names for disk-based sensors are wrong
EUCA-3815 When allocating IP addresses, you are allowed to enter a negative number.
EUCA-3813 Security Group is created even when faulty input was used
EUCA-3806 Default log level in cc. log and nc.log is DEBUG instead of INFO
EUCA-3799 launch more like this dialog, advanced section is displaying Select advanced options label multiple times
EUCA-3795 Instance restore fails to complete DB transaction for some errors
EUCA-3779 two different "data loading" messages display on landing pages when data is loading
EUCA-3762 changing security group rules via Manage Rules dialog does not render a success message in the notifications area when I change something and say Save Changes.
EUCA-3757 Admin UI failed to lookup images for non-admin user when non-public images are present
EUCA-3750 launch instance wizard security group rules display shows entity instead of being rendered properly
EUCA-3748 sorting instances by launch time is not working
EUCA-3709 VMware Broker reporting instances as "pending" state; euca-describe-instances reports instances in "shutting down" state
EUCA-3690 Signature problem with pre-signed URLs
EUCA-3650 Unable to delete user volumes and snapshots
EUCA-3645 NC/VB: blobstore may not clean up after failed downloads
EUCA-3622 CLC does not assign a public IP, DB inconsistency
EUCA-3613 Quota limiting against vmtype doesn't work
EUCA-3549 NC provides false booting report for windows instance due to insufficient cache size
EUCA-3538 Failing to delete volumes on Dell Equallogic using SAN adapter
EUCA-3517 Incorrect image name in describe image response
EUCA-3465 Inconsistence EBS <-> Instance
EUCA-3453 File names with % embedded fail to upload to walrus.
EUCA-3444 duplicate public IP for instances in eucalyptus 3.1.0
EUCA-3398 HashMap never be removed in walrus,cause a Memory overflow problem.
EUCA-3308 Debian Pre-Depend causes issues in Lucid
EUCA-3294 L2TP tunnel does not get established in multi-cluster
EUCA-3288 Eucalyptus repeatedly connects tgtd to non-existent loopback devices.
EUCA-3007 Order of account/user fields is inconsistent in admin UI
EUCA-2982 CC registration: cloud-pk.pem is not transferred to remote cluster, and CC shutdown will not tear down network rules
EUCA-2427 CLC remebers only first allocations of Elastic IPs after restarting CLC.
EUCA-2411 Cannot detach EBS volume from stopped instance
EUCA-2350 Reporting counts a walrus object removed when it has its delete marker removed during a PUT operation
EUCA-2342 Walrus lists object versions in reverse order
EUCA-2329 CLC always return A response for AAAA or TXT DNS query
EUCA-2322 CLC has incorrect default encoding
EUCA-2295 Addrs remain on CC if instances are terminated while service is down
EUCA-2275 Hitting walrus.storagemaxbucketsizeinmb limit creates orphan files on the WS file system
EUCA-2264 Binding error when registering image with multiple device mappings
EUCA-2251 Canned ACLs do not permit access to buckets/keys as expected and invalid canned ACL names are permitted
EUCA-2211 C-APP Logs rolling does not care for the configured LOGROLLNUMBER value in eucalyptus.conf
EUCA-2208 euca-bundle-instance terminates existing instance
EUCA-2199 After using over 127 groups no longer able to launch instances due to no remaining network tags
EUCA-2185 DescribeInstances api call does not return ip addresses
EUCA-2049 eucalyptus-cloud binary does not honor --bind-addr argument
BROKER-9 VMware Broker requires eucalyptus user to have write access to the /etc/eucalyptus directory