Resolved Issues

The following tables lists issues that have been resolved since the last release of Eucalyptus.

Issue Description
EUCA-5463 iSCSI Perl scripts fail to work if hostname is used instead of IP address for the SAN.
EUCA-5324 Allocating an address against quota message is off by one.
EUCA-5306 DataTables warning (table id = 'instances'): Requested unknown parameter 'placement' from the data source for row 0.
EUCA-5040 Reload of iSCSI targets on OverlayManager SC reboot does not occur.
EUCA-4967 Multicast unreliability cripples system; dependence on multicast contra-indicated in some deployments.
EUCA-4924 Uncaught exception in AbstractConfigurableProperty causes euca-describe-properties to return a RuntimeException.
EUCA-4872 Attaching volumes to EBS instance can cause filesystem mounted on backing volume to err or lockup.
EUCA-4696 User Console logins fail after upgrade from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1.
EUCA-4640 Launching an instance failed due to error: failed to allocate artifact prt-159232ext3-09be6495 (8 blobstore.c:2211 no space left) on try 1.
EUCA-4627 Calling "udevadm trigger" is not safe in iSCSI connect scripts.
EUCA-4128 euca-describe-volumes (verbose) takes a long time to return with results.
EUCA-3456 euca-describe-nodes does not return consistent results
EUCA-3119 Volumes created from a snapshot for EBS have incorrect filesystem permissions.
BROKER-20 VMware imager still fails to install grub.