Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.4.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-8367 Walrus DNS does not resolve for all subdomains, only existing buckets
EUCA-8357 Instance Launcher freezes in case of a large image set and security groups on Eucalyptus
EUCA-8349 Windows instances failing to migrate with KVM
EUCA-8318 Scaling group count not resolving part deux
EUCA-8310 The proxy gets flooded with error messages related to load balancers
EUCA-8188 Bundle task can block all other operations
EUCA-8187 Security group description is parsed incorrectly by console
EUCA-8177 S3 Compatibility: Delete bucket should fail if the bucket contains one or more DeleteMarker(s)
EUCA-8175 S3 Compatibility: Cannot delete versions when versioning is suspended
EUCA-8172 NC cannot read /nc/cloudIp from nc_state.xml
EUCA-8171 NC does not find nc_state.xml on startup if the state directory isn't /var/lib/eucalyptus
EUCA-8168 Navigating away from the launch instance wizard causes memory leak
EUCA-8163 Deleted Scaling Group lingers on the landing page for 30+ seconds
EUCA-8161 Console error messages lack helpful info from CLC
EUCA-8154 Walrus: Delete object fails with 404 if a DeleteMarker is present
EUCA-8126 Security Group's detail does not get displayed when it has traffic allowed by another group.
EUCA-8121 Instance restoration fails for instances w/o kernel and/or ramdisk and/or in SYSTEM mode networking
EUCA-8120 S3 Compatibility: List objects does not throw error for negative max-keys
EUCA-8119 S3 Compatibility: List objects response contains MetaData elements
EUCA-8117 Instance names don't show up on Instances landing page after first log in
EUCA-8115 "Launch more like this" always launches instance in default
EUCA-8113 S3 Compatibility: List objects should be exclusive of the object that matches marker
EUCA-8112 S3 compatibility: Common prefixes are not computed and rendered correctly in list objects response
EUCA-8111 S3 Compatibility: Last modified date format in copy object response breaks AWS SDK
EUCA-8110 Images and properties may be lost during HA failover
EUCA-8108 Cannot open the expanded row on the instance landing page on AWS due to missing image.platform attribute
EUCA-8088 S3 compatibility: PUT object removes a previous DeleteMarker
EUCA-8085 S3 compatibility: List object versions does not return the correct values for next-key-marker and next-version-id-marker
EUCA-8083 NC hangs inside get_blkid (e.g., during launch or migration)
EUCA-8079 Instances launched by the scaling group do not inherit the tags
EUCA-8076 AutoScaling Resources Can't Be Controlled by Cloud Admin
EUCA-8075 httpd-cc_error_log filled with troubleshooting messages causing the log to grow out of control
EUCA-8074 Cloudwatch Alarms Unable to be Viewed by Cloud Admin
EUCA-8072 region menu shows when clicking around dashboard
EUCA-8070 Selecting AZ inputbox is broken in the launch instance wizard
EUCA-8063 Sort broken when only 1 page of results
EUCA-7995 Instance public IPs revoked before running.
EUCA-7991 S3 compatibility: List object versions with prefix and delimiter represents common prefixes differently
EUCA-7989 NC init script fails to start on Xen
EUCA-7986 S3 compatibility: List object versions response is missing VersionIdMarker element
EUCA-7985 S3 compatibility: List object versions should be exclusive of the object that matches key-marker and version-id-marker specified in the request
EUCA-7982 Proxy should not load all image sets for regions
EUCA-7970 NC check for virtualization flag is inverted
EUCA-7947 Sorting instance table by Availability Zone doesn't work
EUCA-7946 Create instance wizard number validation error if number contains zero
EUCA-7944 Search for a non-existing image shows "random" results in instance launch and launch config creation dialogs
EUCA-7943 NC loglevel is set to DEBUG by default
EUCA-7940 volume auto-fill not working in "create snapshot"
EUCA-7939 Cannot view sec group expando when group access granted
EUCA-7937 Firefox gobbles memory when doing normal console tasks
EUCA-7933 Create volume button does not always work on create new volume dialog
EUCA-7931 IPs continue to be displayed after release
EUCA-7930 Displaying help on landing pages resets UI elements
EUCA-7924 Remove add/remove load balancer feature using the dialog "edit properties" on the scale group landing page
EUCA-7921 Launch more like this dialog moves every 10 seconds
EUCA-7919 cannot add unit in create custom metric dialog
EUCA-7915 Deleted keypairs still shown
EUCA-7911 Editing Auto Scaling Group Policy in Web UI removes --unit parameter from Alarms
EUCA-7908 enumerating all images lock up the browser
EUCA-7894 launch times not displaying correctly
EUCA-7893 User does not get logged out after leaving console idle for long period of time.
EUCA-7879 On Launch Config Landing Page, Image Name doesn't get displayed in the expanded row
EUCA-7876 Register As Image Dialog on the Snapshot Landing Page Does Not Validate Image Name
EUCA-7875 can't enumerate aws 'all' images
EUCA-7855 S3 Compatibility: ListBucketResult does not returns canonical ID
EUCA-7845 Load Balancer VM not able to contact CLC when CC is not collocated with at least 1 Java component
EUCA-7833 console does not work for Eucalyptus users in "aws" account
EUCA-7832 console-in dashboard doesn't pick up zone changes
EUCA-7827 when you click "add another tag" in the manage tags box, the cursor should be placed.
EUCA-7826 The 'create from snapshot' inputbox in the dialog 'Create volume' is not defaulting to select "None"
EUCA-7825 Warning text in Launch instance wizard when security group has no rules in missing
EUCA-7818 DeleteMarker not included in version output of bucket
EUCA-7790 Tests Cannot attach volume in console (multi-cluster)
EUCA-7777 white container showing behind instance landing page when help is flipped (on chrome)
EUCA-7770 Launching instance with name fails to name instance
EUCA-7759 if i add a name to an instance, i have to click the next button twice in the launch wizard to go to the next section
EUCA-7724 S3 compatibility: Canned ACL bucket-owner-read results in an incorrect set of grants in the object ACL
EUCA-7712 S3 compatibility: Canned ACL bucket-owner-full-control results in an incorrect set of grants in the object ACL
EUCA-7708 Walrus BucketLocation constraint should be empty for default location
EUCA-7625 S3 compatibility: Objects and buckets with canned ACL (bucket-owner-read) return incorrect ACL
EUCA-7537 no feedback that the refresh button is doing anything on landing pages
EUCA-7492 Remove code that uses non-stdlib libs from eucaconsole/
EUCA-7364 account menu and region menu (all menus in the branding bar not collapsing when the user clicks outside of it
EUCA-7352 resource loading pages all need to display "loading" animation when loading resources
EUCA-7336 Security group is not displayed on Launch Configuration landing page.
EUCA-7312 euca-create-keypair show JDBC batch error with a 406 exception
EUCA-7299 scaling groups landing page needs initial sort set
EUCA-6579 Required Fields marked for some not required fields in User Console
EUCA-6513 when no data is available for a table in the expandos a "This <x> has no <y>" message should be displayed instead of an empty table
EUCA-6442 In SYSTEM mode the metadata is not accessible
EUCA-6321 Disable button is still clickable on the Attach Volume dialog
EUCA-6266 tag editing focus traversal not ideal for UX
EUCA-6144 Associate IP dialog from instance landing page displays the ID of the instance in autocomplete
EUCA-6069 eucalyptus-cloud fails to start
EUCA-5959 stopped instances show invalid value for public private DNS names
EUCA-5646 grep code to look for/remove aliases and test w/ QA
EUCA-5301 User Console should fail to start if incorrect ssl settings are given
EUCA-4041 security group description should only be allowed to contain a limited set of characters
EUCA-3909 httpd-cc_error_log Grows without bound
EUCA-3704 add CSRF token to login pages
EUCA-3383 euca-describe-instances doesn't seem to be reporting platform
EUCA-3320 bucket.create_bucket has strange behaviour when using Walrus