Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.4.2 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
GUI-256 Need the ability to dump stack frames
EUCA-8715 Eucalyptus/vSphere do not agree where my instance is
EUCA-8707 CLC & CC abnormal interactions lead to a steadfastly unfulfilling Future
EUCA-8671 Walrus ListAllMyBuckets (GET / on service) is really slow for non-Eucalyptus/Admin users
EUCA-8657 Getting "unsupported browser version" message in IE 11
EUCA-8633 DNS server runs in single-thread
EUCA-8621 Unable to run instances after running stress test
EUCA-8604 VMware: Failure to start stopped instance
EUCA-8602 AWS and Euca differ in response to run-instances and describe-instances, when no keypair is specified for instance
EUCA-8568 Users not able to view certain available images
EUCA-8565 3.4 testing branch needs version bump to 3.4.2
EUCA-8557 Summary Pane does not update instance type when a new one is selected
EUCA-8548 failure to show "manage instances" dialog from scaling groups landing page
EUCA-8534 User can not change password via UI after it becomes expired
EUCA-8529 Failure to reset instance-types using euca-modify-instance-type tool
EUCA-8521 User Console Conflicts with Euca2ools With Regards to Displaying Images
EUCA-8519 DNS Performance issue with recursive lookup requests
EUCA-8518 Eucalyptus User Console Doesn't Provide Private Addressing Option in 'Launch More Like This' Window
EUCA-8511 Cannot change "VNET_ADDRSPERNET" configuration
EUCA-8510 Starting multiple instances results in public IP assignment failure
EUCA-8509 SC failure to start in rare cases
EUCA-8476 CLC responses become slower gradually
EUCA-8473 euca-run-instances breaks with --instance-count and --client-token
EUCA-8424 "Manage Instances" dialog is not called from "More actions" menu on Windows 7/ IE 10
EUCA-8382 Windows Migrate failing in Vmware
EUCA-8320 EDGE: CC served files will not be available if /tmp and /var/lib/eucalyptus/dynserv/data are on different mountpoints
EUCA-8206 Cancelling bundle task is not reliable on vmware
EUCA-8162 After running for 5 hours, the proxy's memory usage goes near 4 GB.
EUCA-8057 NPE attempting to detach an available volume
EUCA-7994 Cloud Administrator Can't Control ELB, AS, Cloudwatch Resources of non-eucalyptus account Users
EUCA-7938 CC partitioned and drops into NOTREADY state
EUCA-7917 Recursive option in Eucalyptus DNS Doesn't Support Separate Views (Split-Horizon)
EUCA-7863 Instance Profiles Don't Support Tools/Scripts That Use S3 API Calls
EUCA-7528 Associate IP dialog creates copies of itself.
EUCA-7430 eucalyptus-cloud service hangs on shutdown
EUCA-5722 euca-register returns odd error when registering kernel and ramdisk as non-admin, non-eucalyptus (i.e. cloud admin account) user
EUCA-5721 euca-register returns the same error when registering a ramdisk and kernel with a non-eucalyptus account (i.e. non cloud admin account)