Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 4.0.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
INST-131 Increase length of default demo user password
GUI-35 attach volume from instance landing when no volumes exist shows wrong message
GUI-19 eucalyptus-console error on the CLI
EUCA-9413 Improve message logging for user console regarding the wrong version of openSSL
EUCA-9070 better error message for euca-create-snapshot is required
EUCA-8999 Walrus Becomes Unresponsive After 50 Simultaneous Connections
EUCA-8917 GroovyScriptEngineImpl usage can lead to PermGen leak
EUCA-8834 ELB health-check issues after NTP sync
EUCA-8812 images bundled without kernel and ramdisk fails
EUCA-8758 AWS Compatibility: euca-describe-keypairs does not throw UnauthorizedOperation when applicable
EUCA-8755 No public IP displayed for instance after an IP address is associated and then disassociated from an instance on AWS
EUCA-8739 CLC reports ENABLED nodes as INITIALIZED
EUCA-8737 Fail to launch EBS-backed instance based on an instance registered with /dev/vda
EUCA-8734 Volume creation status not updated by CLC in timely fashion
EUCA-8732 High concurrency in requests to metadata service causes cloud to become unresponsive
EUCA-8709 cannot delete security group if the associated account is deleted
EUCA-8693 Why is sdb not a valid device name?
EUCA-8692 Unclear error message when attempting to create a volume larger than permitted
EUCA-8640 Recursive option in Eucalyptus DNS Doesn't Support Separate Views (Split-Horizon)
EUCA-8626 Vague Error When Users Associates Resources Cross-Accounts
EUCA-8614 Log messages in CC in HA config
EUCA-8605 Volume failed to attach on EBS backed run instance
EUCA-8591 Get rid of legacy NetApp provider code and dependency jar
EUCA-8589 Unable to delete snapshots where the original AZ has been removed from the system
EUCA-8569 euca-validator python module dependencies missing
EUCA-8560 Source and destination overlap in strncpy (read_instance_xml)
EUCA-8551 NetApp: Better handling and cleanup of slow flex-clone operations
EUCA-8513 User with no IAM policy is able to access some Service APIs
EUCA-8448 Metadata Service Doesn't Handle Multiple URL Requests Per HTTP Connection
EUCA-8417 euca-run-instances breaks with --instance-count and --client-token
EUCA-8415 Make log messages in NetappCMode differentiate between timeout and clone failure
EUCA-8413 There is no input validation for desired size of AutoScaling group
EUCA-8406 CC restart causes DHCP to offer CLC instead of system.dns.nameserveraddress
EUCA-8402 Windows password changes after migrating
EUCA-8389 IAM service XML namespace is incorrect
EUCA-8346 S3 spoofing enabled by default
EUCA-8165 STS GetSessionToken should support same limits as AWS
EUCA-8097 CMode: LUN Name needs to be configurable
EUCA-8095 CMode: Volume Name on NetApp needs to be configurable (prefix and suffix).
EUCA-7905 After failover of CLC, ELB DNS names are no longer resolvable
EUCA-7870 Instance Profiles Don't Work with IAM Roles that have an IAM Identity and Management Policy
EUCA-7814 VNET_DNS in eucalyptus.conf on CC Has No Meaning in Managed/Managed (NO VLAN) Modes
EUCA-7758 Eucalyptus DNS binds to a specific interface which causes issues in certain topologies
EUCA-7752 Account policy is seen as user policy for admin user of an account
EUCA-7748 Walrus does not fully comply with "Expect: Continue" headers in PUT requests
EUCA-7686 Cloud controller binds port 443
EUCA-7670 Restarting DNS service causes high CPU usage
EUCA-7655 SOA queries for zone apex result in SERVFAIL errors
EUCA-7642 NetApp Storage leaves eucalyptus snapshots (netapp volumes) in filer
EUCA-7524 Failed to find valid attachment token (SC)
EUCA-7417 Admin UI Can't Handle Large Account/User/Group Entries in Eucalyptus IAM
EUCA-7349 DNS search path in CC does not update with CLC property
EUCA-7228 API support for volume_type in create_volume calls.
EUCA-7182 aws-exec-read ACL is identical to the private ACL
EUCA-7151 euca-describe-nodes shows all instances/nodes that were ever in the cloud
EUCA-6427 DNS TCP handler logs maximum size error
EUCA-6421 Stopped EBS backed instance still reports with euca:node tag
EUCA-6411 Improve error for invalid instance profile when running instance
EUCA-5951 Terminated instances retain their private IP addresses
EUCA-5915 DescribeVMTypes needs to be integrated with IAM
EUCA-5563 Password type input with autocomplete enabled
EUCA-5529 DescribeInstances without instance-ID does not give any output
EUCA-5054 Eucalyptus (EC2) responses omit required requestId element
EUCA-4908 euca-describe-keypairs does not return error message when using non-existent keypair name
EUCA-4879 euca-delete-volume with invalid format for volume ID does not return an error
EUCA-4709 Resource IDs are case-sensitive
EUCA-4528 Reporting user and account caches are not HA safe
EUCA-3206 Walrus Scalability Questions
EUCA-3069 NC: possible FD leak in getConsoleOutput
EUCA-2915 Display inconsistencies with euca-describe-instances when instance times out v. manually terminated
EUCA-2198 Walrus should not appear in DescribeRegionsResponses
EUCA-2197 cloud user can run euca-describe-regions euca-describe-availability-zones verbose
EUCA-2182 Walrus xml responses lack XML header in response body, S3 includes <?xml> in response bodies
EUCA-1803 Running consecutive unique images eventually fails, possibly a Walrus caching issue?
EUCA-1018 EUARE: Using account id in resource ARN is ignored