Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 4.0.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-9595 after upgrade unable to enable cloudwatch service
EUCA-9578 CLONE - for 4.0.1 - Volume deletion on storage controller should be idempotent
EUCA-9574 CLONE - for 4.0.1 - volumes leftover in SC database as "available" after multiple instances fail to run
GUI-966 CLONE - load balancer cannot be added to autoscaling group
EUCA-8906 De-register/Re-register of Cluster with Different Name Doesn't Work
EUCA-8901 CC and NC need to log *something* when they start
EUCA-9443 <KeyMarker/> and <UploadIdMarker/> is not present in ListMultipartUploadsResult
EUCA-8706 WS-Security policies should not be located in /var/lib/eucalyptus/keys
EUCA-9576 CLONE - for 4.0.1 - Storage controller can queue multiple delete tasks for each volume
EUCA-9582 CLONE - for 4.0.1 - Node export volume requests can timeout when load is high
EUCA-9580 CLONE - for 4.0.1 - EqualLogic SAN provider performance poor
DOC-1115 Documentation on instance type is misleading
GUI-933 From the volume page, volumes cannot be attached to stopped instances
GUI-1084 Wireframe de-register image UI
GUI-1082 Console is displaying "Https not detected message" on login page when ssl is configured.
GUI-1052 Invalid id for Create Security Group button is causing automation to fail
EUCA-9679 Version Bump 4.0.1
EUCA-9334 euca-bundle-instance does not work on vmware
EUCA-9561 Vague Error Message when using euca-import-instance with unsupported file format (VMDK)
SEC-113 Firewall changes in 4.0
EUCA-7877 euca-modify-instance-type can make vmware based cloud non-functional