Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 4.0.2 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
GUI-411 Landing page tile's gear button shows up over the dropdown menu
GUI-1185 EBS snapshot not deleted when image is removed from cloud
GUI-1197 Unchecking 'Delete on terminate' when launching an EBS instance does not work
GUI-1258 Admin password not accepted when changing IAM user password
GUI-1272 Internal error when console is set up with SSL enabled.
GUI-1309 Unable to change password using multi-cluster config
GUI-1353 Please see Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-27
GUI-1371 Please see Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-28
EUCA-8482 Windows guest limited to 2 cores
EUCA-9165 Using 7 User Facing Services causes slowness on bootstrap
EUCA-9256 Please see Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-25
EUCA-9435 Imaging Worker does not work when registration network is isolated from public network
EUCA-9694 Consistent DescribeSensors error in cc.log
EUCA-9707 Instance restore logs ERRORs and failures yet restore succeeds
EUCA-9713 Registering large images taking over 30 seconds to respond
EUCA-9729 euscale-create-auto-scaling-group does not always honor ec2:quota-vminstancenumber
EUCA-9761 "No such role" logged constantly at DEBUG level
EUCA-9776 Eucalyptus DNS returns SERVFAIL too frequently
EUCA-9779 Ephemeral disk not initialized for Windows 2012
EUCA-9807 iptables rule ""-A PREROUTING -d -p..."may be not applied, when NC restarts
EUCA-9883 A user in the AccountAdministrator privileged role can create IAM resources in the eucalyptus account
EUCA-9887 HVM instance migration fails several hours after instance started
EUCA-9942 eucanetd will fail to remove IPs if total number of public IPs configured is > 1024.
EUCA-9966 last_modified property is missing when fetching objects from Eucalyptus via Boto bucket.get_key()
EUCA-9978 Session tokens in S3 pre-signed URLs should be x-amz-security-token not SecurityToken
EUCA-9980 PUT object acl should return x-amz-version-id header if versioning is enabled/suspended on the bucket
EUCA-9982 Missing headers, x-amz-version-id and x-amz-delete-marker, in delete object/version response
EUCA-9987 Please see Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-25
EUCA-10022 Please see Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-26.
EUCA-10080 Please see Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-28.