Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 4.1.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-1976 euca-describe-availability-zone allows invalid misspell of verbose
EUCA-4878 euca-create-volume against an invalid availability zone returns bogus error
EUCA-5437 Instance passwordData attribute is broken in Eucalyptus
EUCA-5979 BundleInstance on KVM always produces x86_64 images
EUCA-6367 plea for a nice error message for euca-migrate-instances
EUCA-6570 Deleting a non-existant ELB should succeed
EUCA-7337 EBS image registration ignores user-supplied architecture argument
EUCA-8356 Broker should handle situation where getConfig call return null
EUCA-8578 Allow 0 value in IAM Quota Policy
EUCA-9488 SC/UFS is broken when vmwarebroker lib is installed on the same host
EUCA-9532 Create Image : improve usability of log error messages by offering corrective path and putting main message first
EUCA-9602 UDP handler is not working
EUCA-9762 On address deallocation, instance publicIP can be missing from network XML
EUCA-9795 create-image does not add description to created snapshots
EUCA-9979 Implement import instance in VMDK format
EUCA-10058 Eucalyptus instance's empty user data attribute returns a different value than AWS
EUCA-10092 Vague Error Message from CreateLoadBalancer when using incorrect load balancer port
EUCA-10155 no error message on invalid keypair name
EUCA-10226 Exception gets thrown when LifecycleReaperJob attempts to update the last_processing_start field
EUCA-10229 Associate address should throw error when instance is terminated or in shutting-down state
EUCA-10278 Stopped Windows EBS instances do not start correctly as DHCP clients request server to respond using L2 Broadcast
EUCA-10297 Don't log 'Volume Size Limit Exceeded' and 'Total Volume Size Limit Exceeded' errors into logs
EUCA-10300 Eucalyptus allows an instance to be launched with multiple security groups from different VPC networks
EUCA-10309 Cloudformation: DeletionPolicy Snapshot for Volume Resource Causing Stack Deletion Failure
EUCA-10310 VPC: Public IP confusion when Cloudformation template with VPC is Used.
EUCA-10325 CreateVolume/AttachVolume results InternalFailure when not authorized
EUCA-10326 Delete snapshot fails with InternalFailure while associated with an image
EUCA-10369 euca-service-image should not be in 4.1 release repo
EUCA-10381 VPC allows AssociateAddress call to succeed with no target (under certain circumstances)
EUCA-10427 euca-describe-snapshots does not support verbose parameter
EUCA-10435 Cloudformation: When resource completes, consistently show CREATE_COMPLETE in stack events - even if stack fails to deploy
EUCA-10447 Cloudformation with VPC: Duplicate Egress/Ingress Rules Not Handled the Same Way As AWS
EUCA-10454 OSG copy object response is incorrect
EUCA-10501 Retrieving creds for (eucalyptus)cloudformation invalidates the current token
EUCA-10511 OSG: grants in headers are not honored
EUCA-10512 Format block storage and object storage java code as per Google style guide
EUCA-10516 in VPC mode, Eucalyptus assigns private IP to 'ip_address' attribute when no public ip is assigned.
EUCA-10520 euca-get-credentials zip file eucarc should always define EC2_PRIVAT_KEY and EC2_CERT
EUCA-10525 Cannot specify stack name and resource name together
EUCA-10538 eulb-describe-lb-policies doesn't support verbose parameter
EUCA-10554 Inability to view other accounts' snapshot attributes as Cloud Administrator
EUCA-10565 Init scripts enable services unnecessarily
EUCA-10616 LastUpdatedTimestamp not in line with AWS
EUCA-10621 Disabling reporting also disables cloudwatch
EUCA-10623 Cloud becomes unresponsive after a few days of regular use
EUCA-10624 Change in UDP handler thread # doesn't take effect immediately
EUCA-10626 UDP Handler's thread pool is filled up
EUCA-10630 User API Service registration should be idempotent
EUCA-10644 CloudFormation VPC stack creation fails on NetworkAclEntry with empty Icmp/Code property
EUCA-10656 NPE from
EUCA-10690 VPC: Network view can take 10ish seconds to update
EUCA-10692 DescribeVolumes response time is proportional to # of instances running, can be up to 3m
EUCA-10694 VPC: New accounts not getting their default VPC
EUCA-10705 Eucanetd reverse DNS lookup can cause a flood of UDP/DNS traffic
EUCA-10742 Eucanetd doesn't check return value of file2str() which leads to a segfault
EUCA-10774 EDGE mode instances can fail to get an IP because the MAC address is missing in GNI broadcast
EUCA-10755 Post upgrade EBS issues - running EBS instance won't start after upgrade due to invalid connection string
EUCA-10762 No space left on device error on CLC box due to eucanetd
GUI-129 user console proxy should have an option to verify CLC's ssl cert
GUI-800 console needs feature warning for filereader API
GUI-1286 Versioning text is not displaying correctly in Update Versioning modal for a bucket
GUI-1494 empty alert displays when navigating away from page that is waiting for XHR call
GUI-1518 Attach volume failing from landing page when only one instance is available to attach to
GUI-1533 Default termination policy always displays first on scaling group detail page
GUI-1536 Console can't deal with directories that has // in the path
GUI-1543 Private IP address is show in the PUBLIC ADDR column
GUI-1563 'Create security group' modal window gets stuck when duplicate group is entered during launch instance wizard
GUI-1566 Delete snapshot with non-Latin name/description triggers HTTP 500
GUI-1567 Non-Latin name for security group triggers HTTP 500
GUI-1568 Non-Latin name in the keypair triggers HTTP 500
GUI-1569 Filtering by non-Latin tag name triggers HTTP 500
GUI-1570 Non-Latin names of launch configuration triggers HTTP 500
GUI-1571 Creating auto-scaling group with non-Latin name triggers HTTP 500
GUI-1575 Selecting an autoscaling group results in "Internal Server Error"
GUI-1580 Do not display the private addressing only option on the launch more like this wizard for VPC systems
GUI-1581 "Internal Server Error" is thrown if invalid AutoScaling group is requested via URL
GUI-1583 Console lets user add ephemeral with the same block device mapping as root volume
GUI-1588 Policy Generator has display issues when adding a policy for an account
GUI-1589 User presented with Session Timeout window if denied S3 ListBucket access
GUI-1594 dashboard "instances in scaling groups" shows too many
GUI-1595 server error when viewing volumes tab if volume name has unicode chars
GUI-1601 need to obfuscate memcached keys
GUI-1602 Incorrect ternary operator (?:) in security group rules widget causes JavaScript error
GUI-1605 Unable to create security group in launch instance and launch config wizards when security groups field is emptied
GUI-1608 Instructions on how to connect to an instance via SSH are inaccurate
GUI-1614 RPM spec file should depend on python-boto
GUI-1638 eucaconsole_session cookie should have httponly flag set
GUI-1642 Create new keypair modal throws empty error when non-latin characters are entered for keypair name
GUI-1643 Non-latin characters in security group description trigger internal server error
GUI-1647 Adding a folder with non-latin characters in name breaks bucket content page
GUI-1658 Instance Type disablement in launch wizard is fault. remove it
GUI-1661 Update tests after navigation change