What's New?

This topic lists new features in Eucalyptus 4.2.0.

New Features

Feature Description
HP 3PAR SAN support. This feature enables support for an additional backend SAN storage provider, which can be configured for the Storage Controller. For more information, see Configure Block Storage and Use an HP 3PAR SAN.
Updated Management Console design. The Management Console has an updated look-n-feel. Look for refreshed branding, new navigation, and enhanced search capability. For more information, see Navigate the Dashboard.
ELB, CloudFormation, and VPC support in the Management Console. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) can now be configured through the console. Create and manage stacks for CloudFormation is available. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) options for network configurations throughout various applications are supported. For more information, see:
Management Console pre-configured for secured connections. Installing nginx separately is no longer necessary to enable secured connections. By default, the console is configured to use HTTPS to allow secure connections from a web server to a browser. For more information, see Run the Management Console on nginx.
Additonal ELB features. ELB now has configurable HTTPS/SSL protocols and ciphers, support for backend server authentication, and cross-zone load balancing enabled.
VPC support. Eucalyptus Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows you to run instances inside an isolated virtual network that you define. For more information, see Using Virtual Private Cloud.
Ceph-RBD support. With this release, Ceph-RBD is now a fully supported backend storage provider; it can be configured for the Storage Controller. For more information, see Configure Block Storage and Use Ceph-RBD.
Identity Federation. Cloud administrators can create a federation of Eucalyptus clouds where a cloud user using their existing credentials can access any of the federated Eucalyptus cloud regions. For more information, see Manage Regions.
IAM quotas. Added new IAM quota variables. For more information, see Quotas.
Improvements added to Image Management. User certificates and private keys are longer required for image bundling.