Resolved Issues

This section lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.2.2.

Issue Description
EUCA-7886 better error messaging for incorrect metadata URL
EUCA-11517 clusteradmin-copy-keys and clcadmin-copy-keys needs better help message
EUCA-11527 Java components - hung pids during 'stop' if clc is stopped first.
EUCA-11545 HTTPS endpoints for 'identity' cause federated IAM behavior to not work correctly
EUCA-11671 DNS Spoofing Returns Errors for AWS FQDN endpoints when using HTTPS
EUCA-11752 cfn-init fails with validation error saying stack does not exist
EUCA-11778 Migration fails for instance with floppy disk (ELB, imaging worker)
EUCA-11801 EC2 VPC network interface security groups incorrect for ENI created on launch
EUCA-11803 Instance Migration Fails when SELinux is enabled and is in Permissive mode.
EUCA-11813 DEBUG logging causes cloud instability
EUCA-11821 Authentication for users fails when password contains a semicolon
EUCA-11840 ELB not working if webservices port has been changed to something different from 8773
EUCA-11847 Euca ELB does not fire BackendInstanceChecker
EUCA-11850 DeleteStack errors out due to EIP deletion failure
EUCA-12012 Merge fix for EUCA-9765 into later branches
EUCA-12014 Allocated EIP addresses can be duplicated after upgrade to 4.2.x
EUCA-12027 update glibc on service image
EUCA-12038 esi-install-image doesn't support bootstrap URL
EUCA-12068 ELB access logging fails when DNS server is set to non UFS
EUCA-12086 loadbalancer servo leaks file descriptors
EUCA-12093 Error creating group after assuming AccountAdministrator role
EUCA-12098 When deleting a listener in elb, all listeners with that policy will be deleted
EUCA-12136 Enable service dns name resolution on upgrade
GUI-1821 Unable to view roles from management console
GUI-1839 Precisely-pinned boto version causing new installs to fail to start
GUI-1856 Unable to view Instance or Role details after deleting role from CLI
GUI-2154 User data not pre-populating when creating instance or launch config from existing instance.
GUI-2213 302 response in case of errors
GUI-2222 Extraneous error message when stopping eucaconsole with Nginx disabled
GUI-2223 Unable to view some CloudFormation Stacks in Console
GUI-2239 working spinner bounces on CF stacks landing page cells when delete stack is in progress
GUI-2246 CloudFormation template is reformatted from original when displayed in GUI
GUI-2250 No warning message when modifying ELB without adding listener.
GUI-2257 Create new Alarm does not work for any AWS/Autoscaling options
GUI-2334 Instance Type for Instance in Console Disappears if Image is Deregistered
GUI-2346 console keep logging out on launch config section
GUI-2428 Cannot create new user from eucalyptus account
GUI-2490 Response to _getfile is cacheable
GUI-2510 add commas to the seven items in the CF unsupported list that aren't being flagged