Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.4.0.

Issue Description
EUCA-508 Create /var/lib/eucalyptus/* at make install time
EUCA-1196 Remove NC_SERVICE from default eucalyptus.conf
EUCA-2414 Move out of /etc
EUCA-7862 Stack trace logged when accessing role policy that does not exist
EUCA-9482 Invert cloudwatch.disable_cloudwatch_service
EUCA-9955 Clean out unused/barely-used bundled jars
EUCA-10359 Cloudformation: AWS::EC2::SubnetNetworkAclAssociation Property Error Not Returned When Stack Fails
EUCA-10543 getObject returns access denied
EUCA-11341 Eucanetd unable to load more than 256 security groups
EUCA-11376 SCALE TESTING: when ipset limit is reached, eucanetd cannot remove ipsets even if they are no longer mapped to existing SGs
EUCA-11422 Use another means to configure admin tools with CLC service endpoints
EUCA-11470 Error logged on concurrent volume export
EUCA-11780 clcadmin-assume-system-credentials should not assumes that cloud isn't running if no active key is found
EUCA-11815 clcadmin-grant-admin-access doesn't work with non-native federated accounts
EUCA-11830 PROPERTY MGMT - CLOUD.NETWORK properties cleanup
EUCA-11924 Failed to marshall response
EUCA-12174 S3 erroneously denies anonymous PUT object with wide-open bucket ACL
EUCA-12261 AZ field no longer required on ASG for CF and Rolling updates should not kick off on just AZ change
EUCA-12357 Provide appropriate naming for all threads, including pooled threads
EUCA-12391 eucalyptus-cloud tries to create /etc/eucalyptus/faults on startup
EUCA-12414 DescribeNatGateways is missing tags for failed NAT gateway
EUCA-12441 CC might send volume attach request to wrong host
EUCA-12502 CloudFormation has scalability issue with multiple UFS
EUCA-12543 Origin of default VPC Internet gateway routes should be CreateRoute
EUCA-12552 VPCMIDO: limited connectivity with more than 500 instances/interfaces in a VPC subnet
EUCA-12589 NC, CC needs to report when sysctl settings are not correct
EUCA-12593 Failure to unset policies from loadbalancer listeners
EUCA-12607 Ansible v2.1 ec2_ami module image creation fails due to no image attribute "CreationDate"
EUCA-12613 VPCMIDO: Multiple Gateways: support multiple router peers
EUCA-12622 Better error logging for incorrect metadata URL
EUCA-12635 esi tools should allow minimum parameters also be provided as CLI args
EUCA-12644 Remove 01_pg_kernel_params script
EUCA-12645 Move udev rules to /usr/lib/udev/rules.d
EUCA-12646 Move to $libexecdir/eucalyptus
EUCA-12647 Remove conntrack_kernel_params script
EUCA-12682 Deprecate automatic swap partition formatting
EUCA-12689 SWF's long polling causes unpredictably long delay
EUCA-12691 AsyncRequest's LOCAL_THREADS should be configurable
EUCA-12696 Request parameters do not bind properly if part of a field name is repeated
EUCA-12698 Overlay export volume workflow needs to be fixed
EUCA-12699 Dependencies : spock unit testing library should not be packaged
EUCA-12700 Dependencies : ant library should not be packaged
EUCA-12713 ELB's access log role policy is too permissive
EUCA-12721 EIP routes are lost if toggled between VMs
EUCA-12740 ChannelBufferStreamingInputStream has issues
EUCA-12741 Object storage hostname parsing error logged
EUCA-12745 ant junit target fails with default settings
EUCA-12747 STS assume role should validate role session name
EUCA-12751 Fix potential memory leak with netty ChannelLocal instances.
EUCA-12753 Creating cloudformation stack from template in S3 using role credentials fails
EUCA-12765 IAM upload of policy with single statement fails
EUCA-12781 Unable to remove cloudformation stack due to null pointer exception
EUCA-12790 CFN: 'associatePublicIPAddress' error not returned when Instance resource contains multiple network interfaces
EUCA-12795 Cloudformation IAM does not support wildcards
EUCA-12802 IAM aws:userid policy variable for assumed role should include session name
EUCA-12809 Remove webui-iconic-icons.LICENSE
EUCA-12812 UpdateStack: No Error for AWS::EC2::VolumeAttachment
EUCA-12820 Time out of an ncRunInstance() invocation may result in duplicate instances
EUCA-12827 Remove references to from fault files
EUCA-12828 ELB should support 2016-08 predefined SSL security policy
EUCA-12829 IAM should reject policies with invalid json syntax
EUCA-12833 DNS service should not depend on EC2 service implementation
EUCA-12845 No error returned when deleting a Nat Gateway which does not exist
EUCA-12846 ASG fails to distribute instances across AZ in some cases
EUCA-12850 ENIs attached to NATGWs are missing EIP association info, etc
EUCA-12855 PartialMetricsTest reports false failures
EUCA-12856 low level eucalyptus-node logs are showing up in the system journal
EUCA-12857 Clean up rbd snapshots on EBS snapshot deletion
EUCA-12858 OSG binding warning should be fixed
EUCA-12859 CLC test classpath includes module jars
EUCA-12862 Resource policies should support "*" for principal
EUCA-12865 The metrics returned in the ELB logs do not match the intention of AWS
EUCA-12867 Setting bucket tags returns 200, should be 204
EUCA-12883 Die, Perl, Die - Part I -
EUCA-12894 CloudFormation should reject trailing content in template json
EUCA-12905 CloudFormation simpleworkflow poll rate limiting is incorrect
EUCA-12909 Update all use of jackson json parser from 1.x to 2.x
EUCA-12913 add option for bypassing NC cache for ephemeral disks
EUCA-12914 Specify dhcpd file paths using dhcpd.conf
EUCA-12919 CloudFormation should not log stack trace when required services not available
EUCA-12921 EC2 instance becomes system owned after owning iam user deleted
EUCA-12930 Core oversubscription warning should be a notice, not a warning
EUCA-12933 euca-run-workflow shouldn't call 'ls -l' to check for a file
EUCA-12936 DNS response missing CNAME entries if the TTL has expired.
EUCA-12946 EC2 add support for 2016-04-01 2016-09-15 API versions
EUCA-12948 CC and NC will fail to start when 'faults' directory cannot be scanned
EUCA-12952 Useless IAM DEBUG messages displayed on federated setups
EUCA-12962 Trying to delete entries from a nonexistent routing table results in 500s
EUCA-12987 ELB should support 2015-03 predefined SSL security policy
EUCA-12991 SC throws error with misleading file name: " not found"
EUCA-13003 ELB responses omit trailing zeros in timestamps
EUCA-13005 Setting objectstorage.s3provider.s3usebackenddns property fails
EUCA-13014 Suppress no such file or directory message for non-custom faults configurations
EUCA-13022 Error logged for fault file not found : /etc/eucalyptus/faults/en_US/common.xml
EUCA-13029 Attaching EBS volume in DAS or Overlay mode sometimes fails, works on retry
EUCA-13031 NC logs "trimming off invalid prefix '/dev/' from guestDeviceName '/dev/sda' at WARN loglevel
EUCA-13035 Auto scaling incorrect response and error logged for missing required parameters
EUCA-13067 Date header in HTTP responses uses the wrong time zone
EUCA-13072 S3 out of memory on multipart upload of large object using signature v4
EUCA-13081 not used
EUCA-13097 euctl tries to set nameless variables
EUCA-13102 SELinux blocks eucalyptus-cloud access to LDAP
EUCA-13107 eucanetd checks for dhcpd even when it doesn't use it
EUCA-13121 Snapshoting of a >10MB volume triggers errors
EUCA-13126 qemu-kvm: CPU feature arat not found
EUCA-13138 SELinux prevents virtlogd from writing console.log
EUCA-13139 eucalyptus-cloud-upgrade.service tries to run euca-upgrade when it isn't there
EUCA-13148 CloudFormation fails to delete stack resource : Not exactly one stack returned for stack null
EUCA-13156 CloudFormation ListStacks : Failed to build a valid message: Missing required object
EUCA-13163 Unable to run instances of types with more than 1 CPU
EUCA-13244 Ceph activity too verbose in INFO mode
GUI-2682 When a public image is made private, other users can still list it and try launching instance with it resulting in Internal Error
GUI-2743 Move default console.crt and console.key locations
GUI-2745 Disable EC2 image caching in the console by default for Eucalyptus clouds
GUI-2767 Fix target="_blank" vulnerability
GUI-2773 Action menu hover shows box outline
GUI-2788 Policy editor doesn't support CF actions
GUI-2839 Hard coded regions preventing access to US GovCloud and US Ohio regions
GUI-2844 Move non-configurable and developer-only config settings out of console.ini
GUI-2845 Console should co-exist with python-nss
GUI-2847 Add support for ca-central-1 (Montreal) and eu-west-2 (London) regions
GUI-2875 Policy Editor jumps to top row after each selection