Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.4.2.

Issue Description
EUCA-12788 Remove NS record when DNS service is stopped
EUCA-13359 libvirtd hangs and requires a restart.
EUCA-13391 Cannot ping secondary ENIs after VM migration
EUCA-13393 Under high IO load, a failed instance launch can result in a zombie instance
EUCA-13395 Version in admin tool User-Agent is broken
EUCA-13397 Eucanetd doesn't check ref_sgs as a condition to cause a network refresh
EUCA-13401 Listing child volumes of snapshots during Ceph cleanup kills SC thread or eucalyptus-cloud process
EUCA-13409 Download manifests for instance-store images ignore key prefixes
EUCA-13417 Web services properties mismatched defaults for server_pool_max_threads listener_address_match
EUCA-13419 DNS nameserver reverse lookup nameservers off by one
EUCA-13420 Imaging service should not log stack trace when compute service unavailable
EUCA-13421 Binding compiler does some work twice for each binding
EUCA-13422 Pipeline contains no upstream handlers logged in cloud-exhaust.log
EUCA-13423 NPE handling host view change
EUCA-13424 NPE in ReplyQueue error handling
EUCA-13425 authorize-migration-keys has a runtime syntax error
EUCA-13426 EC2/CloudWatch should close ScrollableResults
EUCA-13427 HTTP responses on persistent connection missing date/server headers
EUCA-13428 cloudformation stack fails to add tags to launched instances
EUCA-13429 ELB stack trace logged on ufs host : group cannot be deleted because it is in use
EUCA-13431 S3 database bucket foreign key index missing for parts and objects
EUCA-13432 S3 listing objects using delimiter slow when there is a small number of common prefixes
EUCA-13433 S3 cleaning object histories for bucket with many objects times out
EUCA-13440 Node controller crash on instance churn with high load
EUCA-13441 Node controller incorrect umask handling causes failure to run instances
GUI-2913 Create Alarm dialog is missing chart with alarm threshold preview