Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.4.4.

Issue Description
#10 Cloudwatch sometimes fails to persist system metrics with multiple ufs hosts
#14 Failed to move console log file error logged frequently
#22 ELB does not work for listener on load balancer port 6379
#49 S3 does not complete periodic work when there are 1000s of objects
#50 S3 usage metric causes high load with 100,000s of objects
#53 esi-install-image fails when region is not set
#55 Node controller should declare correct rpm requirements (append not supported)
#58 Node controller can terminate instances on reboot
#60 Error getting ec2 instance console output with libvirt 3.9.0 and selinux enforcing
#65 Node controller sometimes fails to clean up instance artifacts on termination
#67 Node controller stats should ignore instances in Teardown