Overview and Help

Eucalyptus is open source software for building Amazon Web Services compatible private and hybrid clouds. The release notes for Eucalyptus are divided by release number, presented in order from current release to past releases. If you are already using Eucalyptus, you can check updates from your older release and compare it with a newer release to help determine if you want to upgrade.

Where to Get More Help

The following resources can help you to learn more, connect with other Eucalyptus users, or get actively involved with Eucalyptus development.
  • The Eucalyptus IRC channel is #eucalyptus on Freenode. This channel is used for real-time communication among users and developers. Information on how to use the network is available from Freenode.
  • Subscribe to one or more of the Eucalyptus mailing lists, which provide ways to ask questions and get assistance from the community.
  • Search for technical articles in the Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions and learn about best practices.
  • Check out the Eucalyptus Support pages for more ideas.

How to Upgrade

If you want to upgrade to the current release, you can find upgrade information in the Eucalyptus Installation Guide.


For information compatibilities with your version of Eucalyptus, including:
  • Euca2ools
  • OS
  • Guest OS
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Hardware
... navigate to the Eucalyptus Release Notes version for your release, and review the Compatibility Matrix for that version.


For corrections and suggestions about this document, send an email to euca-users@eucalyptus.com. We look forward to your communication and thank you in advance for helping us improve our documentation and our product.