Bucket Details

This page allows you to view details about the bucket and edit the sharing properties of a bucket.

Bucket summary

The Bucket section provides a summary of the bucket, including the number of objects it contains and a link to its contents.

Actions menu

Clicking the Actions menu displays various options you can perform on the current bucket.

View bucket contents

The View contents option allows you to see the objects (files and folders) in each bucket. You can also upload new files, create new folders, or delete existing objects.

Create folder

The Create folder option allows you to create a folder within the current bucket directly, without requiring you view the contents of the bucket first.

Upload file(s)

The Upload file(s) option allows you to upload files directly into the current bucket, without requiring you view the contents of the bucket first.

Delete a bucket

The Delete option allows you to delete the bucket if it is empty.

Edit the sharing settings

The sharing settings dictate whether your account or another account can access your bucket and its contents.
  1. To edit the sharing settings associated with bucket Access Control Lists (ACLs):
    Note: For more information about ACLs, see Manage Walrus Resources in the Eucalyptus Administration Guide.
    1. Click the Propagate grantee permissions... checkbox to apply the same sharing settings to all objects in this bucket.
      This checkbox is unchecked by default.
    2. Select the type of user from the Grantee drop-down text list to grant access to your bucket.
      Newly-created buckets have a default sharing setting of owner full control.
      Note: You can remove an existing account and permission pair by clicking on the x next to the pair listed under the Propagate grantee permissions... checkbox.
    3. Select the level of access from the Permission drop-down list box to apply to the specified users you granted access to your bucket.
      If you enter a user's email address, sharing will be extended to all users in their account.
    4. Click the Add Grantee button to add the grantee-permission pair.
      If a user is already granted, the header shows "Add another grantee".
  2. To edit the settings associated with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS):
    1. If a CORS has already been configured, you can:
      • view or edit, by clicking on the pencil icon, or
      • delete it by clicking the remove icon (⊝) next to the configuration
    2. Otherwise, if a CORS has not been configured, click the Add CORS Configuration button.
      A dialog box opens with an XML template of a basic CORS configuration that you can edit.
    3. Edit the values of the existing configuration, or create a new one.
      Note: For more information about CORS, see Working with CORS in the Eucalyptus Console Guide.
    4. To add the configuration, click the Save CORS Configuration button.
      Upon successful creation, the configuration displays below the CORS Configuration settings.
  3. When done, click the Save Changes button to save your work, or click Cancel to abandon your changes.