Create a Stack - Parameters

This section allows you to specify values for the parameters defined in the template you chose in the previous tab. With parameters, you can create templates that are customized each time you create a stack.

  1. For each parameter listed, if not already populated with default values, you must provide a valid value to define the characteristic(s) you want the stack to have.
    Note: Hover over the (?) for more information about each parameter.
    Note: Some parameters require a value that is pulled from another resource. If not available, create the resource it needs to proceed.
    Note: Some parameters allow you to enter values in the provided text box while other parameters, you must select a valid value from the provided drop-down list box.
    Note: If there is a single resource available in the drop-down list box for a parameter, that value will be pre-selected.
    The entries for each parameter populate in the Summary panel on the right side of the screen.
  2. To save your entries and proceed with creating the stack, click the Create Stack button.
    The stack is successfully created when the Stack Detail window opens, displaying a banner across the top of the new window stating, Successfully sent create stack request. It may take a moment to create the stack and the status of the newly-created stack shows Create in progress. When the stack is fully created, the status changes to Create complete.
  3. Refer to the Help in the Stack Detail page for instructions associated with that page.