Image Detail

This screen shows you the details for an image. From this page, you can add tags to an image, launch an instance based on this image, or create a launch configuration based on this image.


Clicking the Actions button brings up a menu of actions that you can perform on the selected image.

The following menu actions are available:

Launch instance

Selecting this menu will display a dialog that allows you to launch an instance using the selected image.

Create launch configuration

A launch configuration is used to define the parameters for new images that are launched as part of your auto scaling group. Selecting this menu displays the Create new launch configuration wizard.
Note: For more information on Auto Scaling, see Using Auto Scaling in the Eucalyptus User Guide.

Cancel image creation

This option is only available if the image is in a pending, waiting for shutdown, bundling, or storing state.

Remove from cloud

The Remove from cloud option is used to clean up images that are no longer needed. Once removed, it will become de-registered but can be re-registered if its snapshot has not been deleted. This option is only available if the image is available.

  1. Selecting this menu displays the Remove image from cloud confirmation window.
  2. To confirm, click Yes, Remove Image from the Cloud.


The sharing settings dictate whether your account or another account can access your image.
  1. To edit the sharing settings, select from the following:
    1. Select Public to allow everyone access to your image.
      Important: Making an image public means anyone who has the URL can access that image, even if they are not authenticated users.
    2. Select Private to allow only those specified to access your image.
      The Share with others section displays only if Private was chosen as the Sharing option for this image.
    3. In order to manually define sharing with other accounts, specify that account with an account ID or an email address associated with a user in the account in the provided text field.
      Note: To obtain an account ID, coordinate with the owners or administrators of those accounts. Otherwise, specifying an email address of a user in the account will effectively grant access to everyone in that account.
      Note: You can remove an existing account by clicking on the x next to the account listed under the Share with specific accounts heading.
    4. Click the Add Account or Add another account button (if one or more accounts were already present) to add it to the list of accounts with which your image is shared.
  2. When done, click the Save Changes button to save your work, or click Cancel to abandon your changes.


This section is present for EBS-backed instances only. Information about each volume, including the root volume, is listed in rows beneath the Storage heading, along with any additional storage configured for this image:


To help you manage your cloud's instances, images, and other Eucalyptus resources, you can optionally assign your own metadata to resources in the form of tags. You can use tags to create user-friendly names, make resource searching easier, and improve coordination between multiple users. You can optionally add tags by performing the following steps:

Add tags

To add new tags:
  1. Type the key name for your tag into the name... text box.
    Note: Tags cannot start with "euca:" or "aws:".
  2. Type the value for your tag into the value... text box.
  3. Click the Add Tag button.
  4. If you wish to add additional tags, repeat the preceding steps.
  5. To delete one or more tags, move your mouse over the tag you wish to delete, and click the X button.