Snapshot Details

This page allows you to view details and perform actions on the selected snapshot .

Rename the snapshot

Type the new name for the snapshot into the Name text box.


To help you manage your cloud's instances, images, and other Eucalyptus resources, you can optionally assign your own metadata to resources in the form of tags. You can use tags to create user-friendly names, make resource searching easier, and improve coordination between multiple users. You can optionally add tags by performing the following steps:

Add tags

To add new tags:
  1. Type the key name for your tag into the name... text box.
    Note: Tags cannot start with "euca:" or "aws:".
  2. Type the value for your tag into the value... text box.
  3. Click the Add Tag button.
  4. If you wish to add additional tags, repeat the preceding steps.
  5. To delete one or more tags, move your mouse over the tag you wish to delete, and click the X button.

Save Your Work

Click the Create snapshot button to save your work, or click the Cancel button to cancel the operation.

Context menu actions

Clicking the Action button brings up a menu of actions that you can perform on the selected snapshot.

The following actions are available:

View details

This item will bring up the snapshot detail page.

Create volume from snapshot

This item brings up a page that allows you to create a volume from the selected snapshot.

Register as image

This item allows you to register the selected snapshot as an image in your cloud, if it was created from a volume containing a root file system. The image can then be used to launch EBS-backed instances.

Delete snapshot

This item allows you to delete a snapshot.