Update a Stack - Parameters

This section allows you to edit the values for the parameters previously defined in the template used in your stack.

  1. You can edit any of the parameters listed. Each parameter shows the currently selected value. You can change any of these values, as needed.
    Note: Hover over the (?) for more information about each parameter.
    Any changes you make update in the Summary panel on the right side of the screen accordingly.
  2. To proceed with the changes, click the Update Stack button.
    The stack is successfully updated when the Stack Detail window opens, displaying a banner across the top stating, Successfully sent update stack request. It may take a moment to update the stack. and the status shows, Update in progress, followed by Update complete cleanup in progress. When the stack is fully updated, the status changes to Update complete.
  3. Refer to the Help in the Stack Detail page for more information about that page.