The global Section

The global section of the Euca2ools configuration file contains settings that affect all operations and the defaults to use when more explicit parameters are not supplied (for example, the default region).

The following table lists the possible parameters that you can specify in the global section of the Euca2ools configuration file:

Parameter Description
debug Indicates whether to enable debug message output. Set this to false to disable debug output, true to enable debug output, or color to enable debug output and additionally colorize it with ANSI color codes. The default is false.
default-region The name of the region to use when no region is specified.
max-retries The maximum number of times commands should retry their requests to the server when the server encounters an error. The default is 2.
timeout The amount of time, in seconds, to wait for the server to respond to a request before the command gives up and returns an error. The default timeout is 30.