The region Section

The region section of the Euca2ools configuration file contains service URLs, user names, and other information for the named region. You can specify the named region on the command line using the --region option, or with the EUCA_REGION environment variable.

The following table lists the possible parameters that you can specify in the region section of the Euca2ools configuration file:

Parameter Description
autoscaling-url The URL for the region's auto scaling service.
cloudformation-url The URL for the region's CloudFormation service.
ec2-url The URL for the region's compute service.
elasticloadbalancing-url The URL for the region's load balancing service.
iam-url The URL for the region's identity and access management service.
monitoring-url The URL for the region's metric/monitoring service.
s3-url The URL for the region's object storage service.
s3-location-constraint The location constraint needed to create buckets in the region’s object storage service.
user The default user for this region if no other user is specified. This name corresponds to a named user section in the configuration file that contains the user's credentials.
verify-ssl Indicates whether to verify the server's SSL certificate. This can be true or false; the default is false.
certificate Location of the cloud's certificate, which euca-bundle-image uses when bundling images. Eucalyptus frequently uses a file named cloud-cert.pem.
s3-force-sigv4 Force commands that access the s3 service to use AWS signature version 4. The default is false.
vpn-stylesheet The location of the XSLT stylesheet for the euca-create-vpn-connection or euca-describe-vpn-connections commands to use to reformat VPN connection information. If the location is an HTTP or HTTPS URL it will be downloaded as needed. If it contains “{format}” that will be replaced with the desired for- mat.