Configure Remote Desktop

Domain users or groups require remote desktop permission to log into an instance. By default, only the local administrator has the remote desktop permission. The Eucalyptus Integration Service provides a way to grant remote desktop permission to additional domain users or groups.

To configure remote desktop permission:

  1. Open the Eucalyptus Windows Integration popup (Windows Programs > Eucalyptus > Eucalyptus Setup).
  2. Click the RemoteDesktop tab
    RemoteDesktop tab
    The names of authorized domain users and groups display in the Authorized User/Groups field. By default, only the local administrator is listed as authorized.
  3. In the text field below the list, enter a user and group account name in the format [DOMAIN]\[USER or GROUP]. If you add a new local user or local group, prepend the account name localhost\ instead of the domain name.
    Example of Authorized       Users/Groups configuration
  4. Click Add.
  5. Repeat for all user/groups that you want to add.
  6. Click Apply.
    When the instance launches, the members of the groups you added can log in to the instance through remote desktop.