Create an Alarm

You can create a CloudWatch alarm using a resource's metric, and then add an action using the action’s dedicated Amazon Resource Name (ARN). You can add the action to any alarm state.
Important: Eucalyptus currently only supports actions for executing Auto Scaling policies.

To create an alarm, perform the following step.

Enter the following command:
euwatch-put-metric-alarm [alarm_name] --unit Percent --namespace "AWS/EC2" 
-- dimensions "InstanceId=[instance_id]" --statistic [statistic] --metric-name	
[metric] --comparison-operator [operator] --threshold [value] --period	
[seconds] --evaluation-periods [value] -- alarm-actions [action]
For example, the following triggers an Auto Scaling policy if the average CPUUtilization is less than 10 percent over a 24 hour period.
euwatch-put-metric-alarm test-Alarm --unit Percent --namespace "AWS/EC2" 
-- dimensions "InstanceId=i-abc123" --statistic Average --metric-name CPUUtilization 
--comparison-operator LessThanThreshold --threshold 10 --period 86400 
--evaluation-periods 4 -- alarm-actions arn:aws:autoscaling::429942273585:scalingPolicy: