What's New?

Euca2ools 3.3.0 has the following new features.

Feature Description
Improved client endpoint configuration. Cloud users can obtain a list of the cloud's service endpoints in a simple way that is not conflated with credential creation.

euare-accountcreate, euare-usercreate, and euare-useraddkey gained a -w/--write-config option that allows them create new access keys and output a euca2ools.ini file instead of their usual output formats, simplifying credential distribution. The service URLs it generates will be based on the IAM service's DNS domain; if the IAM service is accessed by IP address, the output will not contain service URLs.

The -d/--domain option can be used to override this by choosing the domain name explicitly. Finally, the -l/--set-default-user option allows the output to set the given user as the default user for the region. Two examples are shown below:

euare-useraddkey alice -w > ~/.euca/alice.ini

euare-accountcreate bob -wld mycloud.example.com | mail -s "Your credentials" bob@example.com
Euca2ools 3.3.0 now requires version 0.4 of the requestbuilder python library. If you install euca2ools with Eucalyptus-provided RPM packages, requestbuilder will be installed automatically.
All commands now use AWS signature version 4 for all services except S3. AWS signture version 4 can additionally be enabled for S3 on a per-region basis with the s3-force-sigv4 region option in euca2ools.ini.
Note: Eucalyptus 4.2's object storage gateway is not compatible with AWS signature version 4.
Commands that bundle images no longer require signing certificates or private keys to run. Images bundled without signing certificates are incompatible with Eucalyptus 4.1 and earlier and cannot be unbundled without cloud administrator assistance. If the commands have been configured with the bootstrap service's endpoint and the cloud runs Eucalyptus 4.2 or later, running the commands can fetch the cloud's signing certificate automatically. Typical users require the euserv:DescribeServiceCertificates capability in their IAM policies to use this functionality.
ECC retired. The Eucalyptus Community Cloud (ECC) was decommissioned in mid-2015 and therefore, its configuration file has been removed.
New load balancer commands added. The eulb-create-tags, eulb-describe-tags, and eulb-delete-tags commands allow one to create, view, and delete tags on load balancers, respectively.

The eulb-describe-load-balancer-attributes and eulb-modify-lb-attributes provide the ability to inspect and modify load balancers' attributes.

Entering multiple attributes simplified. The eulb-create-lb-policy command gained a -A option that simplifies entering multiple attributes.
Added STS support to tools. The euare-assumerole and euare-releaserole commands can now be used inside an eval command to assume IAM roles.
Removed the EUARE_URL environment variable. The previously-deprecated support for the EUARE_URL environment variable has been removed. Use the AWS_IAM_URL variable instead.
Support added for IAM positional options. For IAM commands that act on only one entity, those entities' names may now be supplied positionally. For example, euare-usercreate alice works the same as euare-usercreate -u alice.
Two Eucalyptus services can now be specified in euca2ools.ini files. The Eucalyptus-specific bootstrap and properties services may now be specified in euca2ools.ini files for use with Eucalyptus's admin tools as well as euca2ools commands that bundle images.
New region added. Added support for eu-central-1 region, which covers AWS's new Frankfurt-based region.