Known Issues

The following known issues exist in Euca2ools 2.1.2. Please contact Eucalyptus support for known workarounds to these issues. You can use the support portal or email us directly at

Issue Description
TOOLS-160 Stop using M2Crypto
TOOLS-150 Unclear error message when running eustore-install-image
TOOLS-147 euca-upload-bundle doesn't report problem when named bucket isn't accessible
TOOLS-140 euca-create-snapshot output does not match ec2-create-snapshot
TOOLS-105 euca-bundle-vol rsync crosses filesystems
TOOLS-104 euca-bundle-vol error diagnostics are unhelpful with invalid --block-device-mapping
TOOLS-101 euca-bundle-vol places filesystem in subdirectory
TOOLS-98 Documentation for --url flag is ambiguous
TOOLS-97 display_error_and_exit function incorrectly guesses XML format
TOOLS-83 euca-terminate-instances doesn't report error if the caller isn't allowed TerminateInstances
TOOLS-81 euca-delete-bundle should explicitly say when the given manifest doesn't exist
TOOLS-79 Format for account/user/group listing is inconsistent
TOOLS-78 euare-usercreate with "-k" fails when credentials are passed on the command line
TOOLS-67 euca-delete-bundle -m should not require a manifest file on the local machine.
TOOLS-59 euca-describe-security-groups doesn't show username when ingress from specific group is authorized
TOOLS-55 euca-register always sends an arch
TOOLS-11 permissions on manifest.xml files in /tmp are too permissive