Eucalyptus Migration to Edge Networking Mode

You can configure your existing cloud to use Edge networking mode. This topic provides instructions for configuring and installing additional Eucalyptus components in an existing environment for the purpose of moving to Edge.

Important: Migrating to Edge will require downtime of your cloud platform.
  1. Terminate all running instances.
    1. Find out which instances are running:
    2. List the instances to terminate:
      euca-terminate-instances instance_id [instance_id ...]
  2. Shut down all Eucalyptus services. For more information, see Shutdown Services.
    systemctl stop eucalyptus-cloud.service
  3. Edit all the config files on NC and CC for Edge networking mode. For more information, see Configure EDGE Network Mode.
  4. Install eucanetd on all NCs.
    yum install eucanetd
  5. Start eucanetd on all NCs
    systemctl start eucanetd.service
  6. Start all Eucalyptus services: CLC, CC, WS, SC, NCs. For more information, see Start Eucalyptus.
  7. Set the Edge JSON property. For more information, see Create the Network JSON File.
Your Edge networking mode is now properly configured.