Register Eucalyptus Services

This section describes how to register Eucalyptus services.

Note: If you are upgrading, proceed to the Register the Node Controllers section. (You don't need to register the rest (e.g., UFS, Walrus, etc.) during the non-NC upgrade, because those registrations are already listed in the cloud database, which you recovered before getting here.)

Eucalyptus implements a secure protocol for registering separate services so that the overall system cannot be tricked into including a service run by an unauthorized administrator or user.

You need only register services once. Most registration commands run on the CLC server.

Note that each registration command will attempt an SSH as root to the remote physical host where the registering service is assumed to be running. The registration command also contacts the service so it must be running at the time the command is issued. If a password is required to allow SSH access, the command will prompt the user for it.

Registration commands need the following information: