Known Issues

The following known issues exist in Eucalyptus 3.2.2 and its dependencies. Please contact Eucalyptus support for known workarounds to these issues. You can use the support portal or email us directly at

Issue Description
Cannot attach a volume to a VMware host over iSCSI when the datastore uses NFS (DOC-735) VMware does not support this configuration. For more information, see VMware KB 1001856.
Launching multiple EBS-backed instances using -n fails (EUCA-2452) When launching EBS-backed instances using the -n option, instances never go into running state. Use euca-start-instance to start each stopped instance. has no effect (EUCA-4136) Setting will not redirect iSCSI traffic onto a different interface. To redirect traffic, register the Storage Controller with a different IP address.
"Task is already running" dialog appears when repairing Eucalyptus Windows Integration Tool installation on Windows 2008 Datacenter x86_64 (EUCA-4367) When you run a repair installation operation on the Eucalyptus Windows Integration Tool on Windows 2008 Datacenter x86_64 (without Hyper-V), an error pops up with the message "The specified service already exists". Select "OK" to continue and the installation repair will proceed normally.
Cannot detach root EBS volume from stopped instance (EUCA-5033) The root EBS volume cannot be detached from an instance that was launched from that volume.
Large SOAP error messages can fill up logs when using Hybridfox or the Eucalyptus User Console (EUCA-5333) When using Hybridfox or the Eucalyptus 3.2.1 User Console, large SOAP error messages can quickly fill the cloud-output log file.
Raw data reported by VMware Broker does not include meaningful volume names (BROKER-22) Data reported in the console displays meaningful volume names. Data exported in raw format labels each volume or ephemeral storage unit as scisi0:[N], and must be translated into meaningful names by another reporting framework.
Reporting values seem to be in error at first (DOC-707) Network traffic numbers in columns Total and External might appear to be incorrect. The external numbers can be greater than total numbers. This is because the two types of measurements come from different hosts (external is from the CC and totals from the NC). These hosts sample and deliver numbers to the reporting subsystem at different times. If the report is requested after the external counter is updated but before the total counter is updated, the numbers could appear out of their natural order. In a stable state without network traffic, the numbers will become correct eventually, usually within a few minutes, depending on the polling frequency value specified in the reporting.default_poll_interval_mins and reporting.default_write_interval_mins parameters.
Race condition can cause secondary Walrus to appear ENABLED to the secondary CLC in HA setup (EUCA-4846) After repeated state changes of various components in a HA setup, the secondary Walrus may not be visible to the primary CLC. Running euca-modify-service -s DISABLED WS-[N] will resolve this issue.
Default cloud properties must have a value (EUCA-4750) If any of the cloud properties are set with no value, you might experience issues with the output of the euca-describe-properties command.
Some components are initialized rather than disabled after an unexpected reboot (EUCA-4354) This only occurs when CLC, Walrus, and SC are located on the same machine in an HA setting. In an unexpected reboot within that setting, when the redundant components switch roles, some secondary components can become initialized rather than disabled. For a workaround, restart the initialized components. We strongly recommend that you use one machine for each Eucalyptus component in HA mode.
User console requires upload of private key to access a Windows instance password (EUCA-4293) Passwords for Windows instances are encrypted for a specified key pair. The user console requires that you upload the appropriate private key to access an instance password. We strongly recommend against using this feature without HTTPS! To access the instance password without uploading your private key, use euca-get-password [instance id] -k [keyfile] on the command line.
User console cannot generate new Windows password on restarting a stopped instance (EUCA-4291) The user console continues to display an old password after a Windows instance is stopped and restarted. You must log out of the user console, log in again, and then generate a password, in order to log in to a Windows instance that has been stopped and restarted.
User console hangs when launching an instance with large user data file (EUCA-4223) Launching an instance through the console may hang if the user data file is too big. Launch instances on the command line if the user data file is larger than 16KB.
A snapshot registered as an image must be deregistered twice to be fully removed (EUCA-4207) Running deregister-image does not initially delete the image record for a snapshot that was registered as an image. You must run deregister-image twice to ensure the image is deleted.
DBResourceCheck exceptions logged at ERROR log level (EUCA-4177) The DBResourceCheck class frequently polls to determine the number of active database connections for a given alias. This can result in a DBResourceCheck exception. This exception is expected, and is not fatal.
The reporting feature in the Eucalyptus Administrator Console show no metrics. (EUCA-4168) This occurs only if you run a report that includes the current date. The metrics that show no data are: CpuUsage%, Net Total In/Out, Disk R/W, Disk IOPS R/W, and DiskTime. For a workaround, use the CLI command, eureport-generate-report, to run reports from the Cloud Controller for a time period that includes the current date. You can also use the Eucalyptus Administrator Console and move the end date up the previous day.
The euca-describe-bundle-tasks command does not keep task status after task completes (EUCA-4140) When bundling a Windows instance, the task is removed from the task list as soon as the bundle completes, so euca-describe-bundle-tasks never shows a 'complete' status.
Eucalyptus Console https redirect doesn't work (EUCA-4104) When SSL is enabled for the user console, http requests do not automatically redirect to the proper https address, which can result in a blank page.
[error:0290] message printed on upgrade (EUCA-4027) The Eucalyptus upgrade process requires a large number of file descriptors, and an error may occur if ulimit is not set to an appropriate value. To avoid this error, set ulimit -n 5000 before upgrading Eucalyptus. This error is not an indication of a failed upgrade.
Unable to start stopped instances after upgrade (EUCA-4026) Eucalyptus 3.2 manages ISCSI targets in a different way to previous versions. The first attempt to start any stopped instances relying on iscsiadm will fail, but the issue is resolved during cleanup so subsequent requests for that instance will work.
ERR-1009 "Mismatched cryptographical keys" gets written too many times in cc-fault.log (EUCA-3986) Currently, CC may log this fault once for each process in the pool. This is because the logic that suppresses duplicate faults relies on process-local memory rather than memory regions shared across CC processes.
Vague error message: Failed to find corresponding class mapping for element: RegisterVMwareBroker in namespace. (EUCA-3808) If you get this error message, you need to install the eucalyptus-enterprise-vmware-broker-libs on the CLC. Run yum install eucalyptus-enterprise-vmware-broker-libs on each CLC in your cloud.
Capacity report shows unordered list of VM types (EUCA-3707) When running a capacity report, the VM types are not ordered from smallest to largest instance type when displayed at the cloud or AZ property level.
IP pages do not work properly for admin user in Eucalyptus User Console (EUCA-3548) All user IP addresses are shown, rather than just the admin user's IP addresses.
ENABLED CC have two NAT rules about (EUCA-3440) In HA Mode, ENABLED CC can get into a state where it reports both ENABLED and DISABLED CLC in iptables for the metadata service.
Walrus does not failover in HA if eucalyptus-cloud process is forcibly killed on primary (EUCA-3202) If the eucalyptus-cloud process is forcibly terminated (kill -9) on the primary Walrus, failover to the secondary Walrus is not automatically triggered.
euca-create-image from ebs backed instance fails, returns 0 (EUCA-1333) euca-create-image is currently unsupported.
Snapshots sometimes fail when using VNX (VNX-38) This only happens when the Storage Controller sends commands to the storage processor (as specified in the sanhost property) that is not the owner of the volume's LUN.