Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 4.1.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-23 Support for sharing snapshots
EUCA-2405 Switch from EntityWrapper to Entities class for DB interaction in Walrus & SC
EUCA-2411 Cannot detach EBS volume from stopped instance
EUCA-5033 Cannot detach "root" EBS volume from stopped instance
EUCA-5980 BundleInstance on vmware always produces x86_64 images
EUCA-7860 Block Device Mapping metadata incorrect in HVM image
EUCA-7910 suppress BDM does not work for create image
EUCA-8370 DNS property reset results in broken euca admin commands.
EUCA-8622 'ec2:InstanceType' Not Enforced in IAM Policy
EUCA-8636 Extra block device mapping in meta-data service doesn't match AWS
EUCA-8637 EBS-backed instance shows full device path for ephemeral0 which doesn't match AWS behavior
EUCA-8650 Instance Migration Fails on CentOS/RHEL 6.6
EUCA-8767 Update postgresql from 9.1.9
EUCA-8809 euca-modify-property should give useful error message
EUCA-8837 CID-10303 Resource Leak: The system resource will not be reclaimed and reused, reducing the future availability of the resource
EUCA-9103 need euca_conf command for registering cloudformation service
EUCA-9130 Request to Improve DoRunInstances Error Message on CC
EUCA-9193 TagLimitExceeded Not Returned When Maximum Number of Tags Are Exceeded
EUCA-9194 Error Message For Maximum Key and Value Lengths for Tags Don't Match AWS Behavior
EUCA-9201 Ramdisk registration is requiring machine disk params to be provided.
EUCA-9271 Separated services performance issue
EUCA-9301 Resource admin persona should not be able to manage resources owned by system accounts
EUCA-9344 Update eucarc variables to current convention
EUCA-9371 Port not updated in eucarc credentials when bootstrap.webservices.port is set
EUCA-9421 Upgrading to Eucalyptus 4.0, objectstorage.providerclient should be set to 'walrus'
EUCA-9444 user-api host shows OutOfMemoryError during S3 load testing
EUCA-9452 EBS backend Instance shouldn't allocate the resource of disk in NCs
EUCA-9459 euca-bundle-instance does not allow you to use existing buckets
EUCA-9467 Create user path differences between Euca and AWS
EUCA-9479 Cannot create resource with Retain for DeletionPolicy
EUCA-9508 Cloudformation shows events of deleted stacks
EUCA-9509 Cloudformation resource status not finalized on errors during delete
EUCA-9510 Need to propegate error messages better in cloudformation
EUCA-9599 EBS backed instances disappear if backing volume fails during creation
EUCA-9602 UDP handler is not working
EUCA-9603 Pending multipart uploads take up disk space even after bucket is deleted
EUCA-9628 unable to attach volume to stopped instance, but success is reported
EUCA-9676 policy denial for IAM call gives different results on AWS vs Eucalyptus
EUCA-9680 Provide OS information via euca-get-console-output
EUCA-9691 Auto Scaling - DescribeMetricCollectionTypes repeats 1Minute granularity
EUCA-9692 iam-instance-profile.arn filter not supported in DescribeInstances
EUCA-9697 ELB uses deprecated HAProxy config options
EUCA-9716 imaging.imaging_worker_enabled property is misleading
EUCA-9732 VNET_MODE should default to the same, non-system mode for all services
EUCA-9745 Bundle Instance returns incorrect error, claims bucket exists when it does not
EUCA-9749 Instance Reservation min-max failing when max is not available
EUCA-9771 Instance stuck shutting down after AZ has gone down (and has come back)
EUCA-9773 Elastic Load Balancing Connection Timeout Management
EUCA-9782 CNAME resolution behavior does not match AWS behavior for instances running on Eucalyptus DNS-enabled Cloud
EUCA-9788 ValidateTemplate doesn't confirm proper resource mapping
EUCA-9792 Upgrade log messages need timestamps.
EUCA-9793 startup.log file needs timestamps.
EUCA-9886 Add support for S3 Bucket tagging
EUCA-9911 BundleInstance is broken when using session credentials
EUCA-9919 ELB should remove registered instances that have been terminated
EUCA-9938 Parameter Property Type "CommaDelimitedList" Causes InternalFailure Error
EUCA-9943 on NC reboot, eucanetd is unable to manipulate NAT table
EUCA-9947 Snapshots remain exported to SC when upload to OSG is turned off
EUCA-9948 HTTP metadata (Content-Encoding, etc) dropped in object PUT/copy to backend
EUCA-9965 Eucalyptus ELB backend failover performance doesn't match AWS ELB
EUCA-9970 "MalformedPolicyDocument: AssumeRole policy must contain principals." Should Be Returned When Using Incorrect Trust Policy File During IAM Role Creation
EUCA-9977 Discrepancy in error response for invalid canonical ID in PUT acl operation
EUCA-9983 Delete object should always return a unique delete marker if the bucket versioning is enabled
EUCA-9984 Eucalyptus ELB Response in 'Cache-control' field is set to 'private'
EUCA-9985 During upgrade of DB, it should not allow external connections
EUCA-9995 "eucalyptus" and "walrus" DNS results contain cache-poisoning authority records
EUCA-9996 Eucalyptus ELB Doesn't Honor HTTP/1.0 Persistent Connections
EUCA-10024 Eucalyptus ELB Doesn't Add X-Forwarded-Proto and X-Forwarded-Port
EUCA-10047 imaging autoscale group did not launch vm when 1 of 2 clusters had 0 availabilty
EUCA-10049 Failing to migrate error msg - 'failed to write instance XML to'
EUCA-10056 Node's state while in Edge networking mode should include eucanetd status
EUCA-10072 Error thrown when binding factory is empty
EUCA-10126 Storage property "storage.lunmigrationtimeout" using minutes not hours with EMC backend
EUCA-10136 Node state is not accurately represented by describe nodes
EUCA-10148 EMC volume from snap creation times out during check for mount point
EUCA-10221 OSG - acl related ops trigger JSON errors in cloud logs
EUCA-10240 No mechanism to adjust default password expiry in eucaconsole
GUI-25 console should allow admin to specify account as part of url, and pre-fill the login page accordingly
GUI-106 A few issue of Eucalyptus-console UI functions
GUI-120 mis-set values in console.ini are hard to diagnose
GUI-395 Tries to associate IP to stopped instances and fails
GUI-436 instance landing page's tiles only display the image ID, could also display image name
GUI-491 Create Launch config and launch instance wizards won't allow adding more than one security group
GUI-495 Instance landing page's table view is missing many menu options
GUI-602 DOC - Image detail page
GUI-695 Launch instance wizard should only show instance types that image can run on
GUI-700 forced clearing of password field is also clearing username field on login screen
GUI-718 inbound rules extend outside their container when security group name in rule is super long
GUI-727 When console is used to log in to AWS and to Euca, AWS log in page gets pre-populated with Euca creds
GUI-734 when an IAM user is created with the name {{1+4}}, no error message shows up.
GUI-736 There is no input validation for negative numbers for volume size in "Advanced options" of Launch instance wizard
GUI-778 2nd attempt to view console output shows blank
GUI-781 Create security group panel does not check for the duplicated rule when the protocol is changed in the middle of flow
GUI-783 On the instance detail page, there is no link to the currently using elastic IP detail page
GUI-790 On the instance volume page, while a volume is detaching, the detach dialog is still accessible.
GUI-792 The register snapshot dialog is missing the loading icon when the submit is clicked
GUI-799 on the resource detail pages, the 'add tag' button should react to the pressing enter key, not the 'save changes' button
GUI-804 Cannot access the scaling group/launch config's detail page when "/" is used in the name
GUI-810 On the create launch config wizard, after using the image filter, some images get lost
GUI-811 Launchconfig and instance landing pages' keypair filters are missing the option for "None"
GUI-813 Launch config detail page does not display the advanced options
GUI-824 Instance detail page is missing a link to the keypair
GUI-826 In case of a long scaling group name, the landing page table stretches and cannot reach the dropdown menu
GUI-827 on AWS, cannot remove the terminated instances
GUI-828 When a new security group with empty rules is created using the create security group dialog, the warning display is missing the link
GUI-844 Able to create a security group with the name abc`~!@#$%^&*()_+0-+{}[]|\:;<>?><,.
GUI-890 Disassociate IP dialog on the instance detail page does not pick up the latest IP value if updated
GUI-891 Instance volume page does not update its available volume list when detached on the page
GUI-893 IAM group detail page does not perform live validation on the group's name
GUI-901 revoke_all_rules could leave group without rules if error interrupts
GUI-905 "/" is not escaped in create new key pairs dialog.
GUI-909 in the launch instance wizard, clicking the create key pair button does not open the create key pair dialog the first time, but causes the key pair field to throw a validation error
GUI-916 When new key pair contains "\" in the name it throws a "keypair already exists" error
GUI-919 On AWS, you cannot launch instance with 'private address only' option
GUI-920 On the create alarm dialog, the instance list displays all instances including the terminated
GUI-932 The instance detail page does not show the correct kernel and ramdisk IDs.
GUI-935 Create Alarm dialog doesn't come up empty if it was already used
GUI-936 Create Alarm may overwrite existing alarm without warning
GUI-978 create scaling group checkbox is not present on step 4 of the launch config wizard
GUI-980 Create key pair operations on launch wizards display unnecessary copy-paste key pair dialog
GUI-996 "add policy" needs to be more specific about the fact that these are scaling policies
GUI-997 browser is not notifying me if I try to move focus away from a page or tab that has unsaved changes
GUI-1001 support sharing images (public and with specific users)
GUI-1006 On IAM user detail page, cannot open the dropdown menu on the group tiles if the group name contains special chars.
GUI-1014 After scaling group is deleted and instances in scaling group were terminated they show in dashboard count for a long while
GUI-1018 On the instance launch wizard, ephemeral device index doesn't get incremented properly
GUI-1022 On IAM policy generator, a validation error message shows up immediately after a template is selected.
GUI-1026 search value not honored when smart refresh in effect
GUI-1029 On IAM user detail page, when a quota value is entered 0, it shows a long error notification, but the value stays 0.
GUI-1030 If username contains + char, add policy page results in "BeakerException: Cookie value is too long to store" error
GUI-1031 scaling group wizard flags error on launch config field when value already seems selected on Firefox
GUI-1039 remove "delete on terminate" flag in launch config wizard bdm editor
GUI-1040 Display user data for instances and launch configs. Support modifying user data for stopped instances.
GUI-1041 Quota policy does not show up until exit and re-enter user detail view
GUI-1042 policy wizard doesn't handle refresh when session times out
GUI-1050 need an at-a-glance way to indicate in the relevant places that a security group has no rules
GUI-1074 Can't edit ports after selecting protocol for security group rules
GUI-1098 When security group is created, confirmation message does not show s. group name.
GUI-1111 "add user to group" on user detail page button should be disabled until a group is selected in the widget
GUI-1121 smart refresh interferes with actions menu selection
GUI-1123 launch wizard and create launch configuration: security tab create key pair and create security group missing "OR:" text
GUI-1130 Deleted key pair still clickable on instance landing page
GUI-1134 Exceeding quota error takes too long to trigger
GUI-1137 Unable to paste public key into Public SSH Key Contents field using IE 11
GUI-1141 In AWS, Instances, 'Remove from view' doesn't work.
GUI-1142 IAM Policy Generator page loads too slowly
GUI-1148 Cancel links are missing and/or broken in the launch config and launch instance wizards
GUI-1150 Attach volume from instance should provide link to create volume if no volumes in the same AZ exist
GUI-1151 sg rules and IAM users, when added, do not have correct styling applied
GUI-1152 validation error when spaces are not allowed should include the phrase "cannot contain spaces"
GUI-1153 allocate IPs dialog should have "1" as default value
GUI-1154 access policy name in policy gen tool changes when custom tab is selected, even before any change to a templated policy is made
GUI-1179 Internal server error when deleting security group named {,} from landing page
GUI-1182 Unable to enter admin password needed to change user password in IE
GUI-1183 Attempting to add an instance tag longer than allowed removes instance name
GUI-1184 Create Launch Configuration button still enabled after deselecting Key name in LC wizard.
GUI-1191 Delayed error when adding invalid path to IAM User
GUI-1305 emphasize the SSL warning
GUI-1339 package latest gevent to fix dns lookup issue
GUI-1375 Management Console should log the remote user's IP address in the console log
GUI-1434 labels for password change on manage credentials page do not have correct styling
GUI-1456 IAM User maximum scaling policy quota does not work
TOOLS-294 Bundles generated by euca-bundle-image don't work with EC2
TOOLS-487 euca-describe-groups displays security groups ingressed for a particular security group different than ec2-authorize/aws ec2 describe-security-groups
TOOLS-504 euform-describe-stacks doesn't show parameter values
TOOLS-515 Add euca-modify-subnet-attribute command
TOOLS-516 euform-describe-stack-resources doesn't display resource_status_reason
TOOLS-526 euca-describe-vpcs should output whether vpc is the default
TOOLS-528 euform-validate-template --template-url option looks for a file
TOOLS-529 VPC euca-describe-instances displays poorly
TOOLS-530 euca-run-instances uses inconsistent layout for subnet and security group options
TOOLS-533 euare-servercertupload doesn't upload certificate chain files
TOOLS-534 Using euare-usercreate to add user to a non-existing group fails to show Access/Secret Keys
TOOLS-535 euform-validate-template chokes on responses with capability info
TOOLS-536 euform-create-stack doesn't support '--capabilities' option to create nested Cloudformation stack
TOOLS-538 Add "non-vpc" qualifier to --private option of euca-run-instances
TOOLS-539 euca-create-vpc does not work with --tenancy dedicated
TOOLS-541 euca-create-network-interface does not take security group
TOOLS-542 euare-userlistcerts should print certificate owner